Grantley Blenman

Year: 2017 – Province: Ontario

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Grantley Blenman

L'Amoreaux Collegiate Institute
2501 Bridletowne Circle
Toronto, Ontario  M1W 2K1

Principal: Huw Chinnery
School telephone: 416-396-6745
School email:
School website:

Subjects and grades taught: Grade 9-12, Physics, Science, Robotics

Grantley Blenman is a physics teacher who assumes an untraditional interdisciplinary approach that brings together STEM and industry, and allows students to learn from former graduates, specialists and community members.

Teaching approach

Although Blenman spends some time teaching concepts, he finds himself to be more a member of a team that explores and solves problems together. He insists that the key to success is involving past students, community members and professionals who can provide authentic assistance.

Outstanding achievements

  • Keeping up with the times, Blenman worked with students, colleagues and workplaces to create an interdisciplinary program based on robotics engineering to explore a diversity of STEM concepts. Students become members of an engineering design company, and design, build and test a robot.
  • Blenman is constantly using the Google classroom platform for instruction, sending students articles, videos, digital labs and formative assessments to complete.
  • Blenman's student teams consistently rank among the top contenders at city, provincial and national physics competitions.

Rave reviews

"Even after a quarter of a century in the classroom, [Blenman] continues to demonstrate his strong advocacy for the teaching profession and is a champion for innovation and the use of technology to enhance instruction. Mr. Blenman is a bold and courageous educator who is the beset role model for us all."


"Mr. Blenman found the perfect balance between teaching and letting us learn. He would give a lesson on key topics, give us the information we needed to proceed, and then let us. With soft deadlines, we know how to pace ourselves, while their flexibility allowed us to shape the time blocks to our needs."