Kristy Boland

Year: 2017 – Province:  Newfoundland

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Kristy Boland

Belanger Memorial School
Doyles, Newfoundland A0N 1J0

Principal: Catherine Bartlett
School telephone: 709-955-2940
School email: N/A
School website: N/A

Subjects and grades taught: Grade 8, 10-12, Math, physics, chemistry, social studies

Enthusiasm and positive energy resonate far beyond the walls of Kristy Boland's classroom in a small school in rural Newfoundland and Labrador. She demonstrates first-hand that hard work can be fun and gains local recognition through school events like Mole Day.

Teaching approach

Fun educational opportunities define Boland's approach. She uses humor, music and new trends to engage students and pique their interest in even the most abstract ideas. Boland demonstrates first-hand the importance of believing in yourself and respects each and every student's voice.

Outstanding achievements

  • Boland organizes, celebrates and engages all of her students in Mole Day celebrations. Activities include pledging allegiance to the Mole, competitive games, Molympics, special foods, crafts, technology challenges and much more.
  • Based on her high rates of student achievement scores, Boland's innovative teaching strategies have been filmed by the Department of Education for circulation throughout the province.
  • Boland initiated, organized and moderated the school's first Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and Lego League clubs –  she even had a huge fish tank delivered to the school to test the ROV underwater.

Rave reviews

"Kristy has an outstanding commitment and passion to teaching and learning. She motivates and challenges her students to work hard, persevere and strive to their best potential. She inspires students to develop a love of learning in the fields of math, science and advanced technology."

Colleague and parent

"Kristy does so many great things for our students that it is hard to focus on just a few. She does it because she wants to, not because it's an obligation. Students appreciate her, parents love her and teachers are grateful to have her on staff."