2018 STEM Recipients



Name of School

Name of Recipient

Grades and Subjects Taught


British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement


Sunrise Waldorf School

Lisa Hitch

Grades 1-8, English, Science, Math, Geography, Language Arts, History and Performing Arts

Taking off from her own burning curiosity, this educator uses inquiry-based methods to help students find the extraordinary in the ordinary, as she shares the journey with a single class from Grade 1 to Grade

Certificate of Achievement

West Kelowna

Constable Neil Bruce Middle School

Daniel Massey

Grades 7 and 8, Math and Maker

This fun-loving teacher integrates art, math, science, English and technology to create projects and tasks that directly address the age-old question, "When will I need this information in real life?"


Certificate of Achievement


Youth BIOlab Jeunesse

Stephen Jones

Grades 5-12, Science and Health

This former medical researcher set up a state-of-the-art laboratory in a hospital to help youth develop meaningful connections with cutting-edge science and technology, rather than learn by rote-memorizing facts

New Brunswick

Certificate of Achievement


Fredericton High School

Carolyn Barnhart

Chemistry 11, Environmental
Science 12

While focusing on bringing technology into the classroom to enhance learning, the "Duracell Teacher Bunny" mentors teachers seeking to do the same and shows students the value of involvement—in school and the community

Certificate of Achievement


Caledonia Regional High School

Benjamin Kelly

Math 10-12, Technology/Trades 6-10, Digital Productions 12, Computer Science 11, Career Explorations 12, Virtual Co-op Education 12

Making it his mission to deliver unparalleled global opportunities in STEM education for his students, this pioneering educator has brought province-leading technology to his small, rural school


Certificate of Excellence


John Polanyi Collegiate Institute

Nicole Anthony

Grades 9-12, Science, Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies in Biotechnology

This force of nature seeks to bring science to life for her inner-city students and make it personally meaningful and relevant to them by having them solve real-life problems; founder of the Metamorphosis Girls STEM conference

Certificate of Excellence


Central French Immersion Public School

Lee Martin

Grade 3, Language, Math, Science, Arts, Social Studies, Makerspace

Transformational educator creates community in his classroom and then ensures students have access to powerful tools to support their ideas; founded Computers4Change to bring advanced technology to schools

Certificate of Achievement


Vista Hills Public School

Tania Bumstead

Grade 7, Math and Science

Seeing opportunity in being on the staff of a brand new school, this educator has been at the forefront of developing a culture of innovation, collaboration and communication at the rapidly expanding school

Certificate of Achievement


John William Boich Public School

Shaun Else

Grades 3 and 4, all subjects

In his classroom community, "Elsewhere," this teacher engages his students through technology, inquiry, problem solving and hands-on experiential learning, modelling lifelong learning and harnessing STEM activities so all can succeed

Certificate of Achievement


St. Andrew's College

Terence Prezens

Grades 11 and 12, Computer Science and Computer Engineering

This teacher's robotics club blossomed into a robust dual-stream computer science and engineering program at his all-boys school; now, his classroom serves as a design lab that also serves others

Certificate of Achievement


Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy

Vince Racanelli

Grade 1, Math, Science, Language, Social Studies, Arts and Media

At a large K-8 school, this educator ensures the success of culturally, racially and academically diverse learners, inspiring them with engaging hands-on projects, while helping them build strong skills

Certificate of Achievement


Collège catholique Samuel-Genest

Johanne Séguin

Grade 8, Math, Science, Programming and Innovation

Véritable leader dans son milieu, cette enseignante passionnée stimule ses élèves et ses collègues en proposant de nouveaux outils technologiques qui arriment l'apprentissage aux intérêts des jeunes et élargissent leurs horizons.

Certificate of Achievement


St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School

Sarah Sils

Grade 8, Math and Science

Having spent a decade embedding STEM fundamentals throughout the curriculum at her school, this dedicated teacher has an unwavering commitment to young girls—educating and empowering them to be future leaders


Certificate of Achievement


Margaret Manson Elementary School

Sheila Dunwoodie

Grades 3-6, Media and Technology, English, Math, Media, Dance and Ethics

High-tech and low-tech happily co-exist in this energetic teacher's classroom: students of all abilities plan, collaborate and problem solve, while mid-class dance breaks engage them and help them learn

Certificate of Achievement


Collège Beaubois

Adam Lecouffe-Desjardins

Secondary 4 and 5, Computer Science

Toujours à la recherche de nouvelles façons d'élargir la portée de son enseignement, cet enseignant développe chez ses élèves un savoir-faire informatique qui s'inscrit dans des projets concrets et dynamiques.


Certificate of Achievement


Lumsden High School

Carla Cooper

Science 10, Environmental Science 20, Biology 30, Wildlife Management

A leader in science education in Saskatchewan, this teacher's primary objective is to help students become scientifically literate, problem-based learners, challenging them to excel in local, provincial and national science fairs

Certificate of Achievement


Chief Mistawasis Nêhiyawak School

Denise Desjardins

Grades 1 and 2, all subjects

This teacher is challenging the status quo for education of First Nations children by engaging them in a classroom that is technology-rich, while infusing their Cree language and culture into all aspects of the curriculum