Adam Lecouffe-Desjardins: A teacher for a digital world

Year: 2018 – Province: Quebec

Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM

Adam Lecouffe-Desjardins

Collège Beaubois
4901, rue du Collège Beaubois
Pierrefonds, QC H8Y 3T4

School telephone: 514-684-7642
School website: (French)
Website: (French)

Subjects and grades taught: Computer Science, Secondary 4 and 5

Adam Lecouffe-Desjardins teaches his students how to adapt to an ever-changing world by eliciting their curiosity and developing their creativity. They then work to find innovative solutions using various computer tools. His technological expertise and experience have made him a pioneer in his field.

Teaching approach

Adam goes beyond teaching programming: his aim is to develop his students' computer thinking skills. Not content to share a body of knowledge, he gets his students to conduct a solid analysis of a problem before they start writing code, thereby fostering the development of their computer knowhow.

STEM in the Classroom

  • Developed three highly relevant and peer-acclaimed computer courses to match his students' interest in this highly modern learning area
  • Implemented a vectoral drawing learning module using Inkscape software; this allows students to create digital images while practising geometric concepts
  • Created a computer program that inspires students to excel and to develop post-secondary level skills: students design sophisticated computer games or a functional mechanical arm with parts made using 3D printers
  • Uses individual interviews for student progress evaluations: these allow Adam to examine students' mastery of concepts and analyze the reasoning they developed as they accomplished a task, while providing an opportunity for personalized feedback

Outstanding achievements

  • Co-founded the digital manufacturing lab at Collège Beaubois, which features 3D printers and a laser cutter, allowing students to bring their projects to life
  • Developed guides for teachers and documentation for high-potential students, as well as a 21st century competency framework

Rave reviews

"Fueled by a creative academic vision, this teacher never fails to better his community by proposing innovative and inspiring educational projects."