Candice Lee: Nurturing capable, confident children

Year: 2018 – Province: British Columbia

Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Candice Lee

Deep Cove Elementary School
10975 West Saanich Road
North Saanich, BC V8L 5P6

School telephone: 250-656-7254
School website:


Subjects and grades taught: All subjects, grades 4 and 5

After facing a number of childhood challenges, Candice Lee came out of her shell thanks to Grade 6 French Immersion and band. She went on to study to become a dentist but realized that where she really belonged was back in the classroom, not as a student but as a teacher.

Teaching approach

Candice Lee believes that students are fully capable of living up to any expectations one sets, and is passionate about working with kids as they try new things. Her emphasis on inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism has led to a rich classroom environment where students can explore and learn.

In the Classroom

  • Sparks children's interests in writing by encouraging them to enter contests, with prizes such as having their story published or having a large charitable donation made in the winner's name
  • Stresses hands-on learning to engage students in all areas of the curriculum: making structures and objects out of wood to teach math and measuring, making crystals to study saturated solutions and making slime to compare recipes and results
  • Gets children outdoors: on nature walks in nearby parks, students learn about the local flora, including invasive plant species, which they then gleefully root out; students tend a neighbour's garden, learning about growing and caring for plants and bringing back salad ingredients
  • Takes advantage of opportunities to teach the virtues: food drives highlight leadership and generosity; the big buddies program teaches about kindness, caring and helpfulness; the lunch monitoring program helps with the care of students and the school

Outstanding achievements

  • Organizes multicultural year-end music and dance performance for the whole school, in conjunction with the Cultural Dance Artist in Residence, helping schedule rehearsals, writing and teaching music to the entire school, and organizing a costume club for children to help make and build costumes
  • Wrote, arranged and taught school song to all students, with the chorus in French and in English; for a performance for the lieutenant governor, one class played recorders, another ukuleles, another marimbas, xylophones, double bass and drums, another rhythm sticks, and yet another maracas
  • Is a leader in bringing in new programs and approaches to the school (examples include online math programs, a school-wide focus on mindfulness, and presenters on environmental issues) and shares her knowledge and experience with other educators

Rave reviews

"Always to be found with a smile on her face, Mme. Lee tackles the day juggling multiple projects in preparation for that highest learning opportunity for her class. Her creativity is endless as she pulls together thought-provoking lessons."