Bluky Ng: Science is for Everyone

Year: 2021 — Province: Ontario
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Peel District School Board
Grades 10 to 12 -science, chemistry, physics
Mississauga, Ontario


“A successful STEM teacher not only fosters students’ interdisciplinary skill development, but empowers them to be innovative, risk-taking and forward-thinking. In the three years that I have known Bluky as a colleague, I have observed what I would call a sincere and pure ambition to grow people.”


Teaching Approach

Bluky has been a role model for all her students. Being a female in STEM and having pursued forensic science in her undergraduate program, she encourages her students by supporting their ambitions, helping them achieve their goals, and providing guidance. She is a staunch supporter of women in STEM, showing them it is possible to be successful and providing them with the tools to do so.

Many teachers take extraordinary steps to improve student welfare; yet, it is seldom to find trailblazers with the aspirations of equitable and interactive education like Bluky. She has dedicated herself with selfless passion to improving the physical, mental, and intellectual well-being of all students while charismatically delivering the curriculum. As a physics and chemistry teacher, she consistently challenges her students while championing equitable access to education for students of all backgrounds.

In the Classroom

Bluky has always used innovative teaching techniques – including her “flipped classroom” approach. Students study at home, using detailed pre-recorded videos that she creates herself to build the conceptual understanding of course content and then apply these concepts to challenging questions and labs in class under her guidance. This provides students with opportunities to grow as independent learners developing self-motivation, responsibility, and research skills, while ensuring comprehension of the curriculum. This allows for more time in class to be devoted to practical labs and practice questions. While she began these videos before the pandemic, those have helped her students shift to remote learning. She was ahead of the game.

Outstanding Achievements

The motto of Ms. Ng’s exceptional practice is “success for all types of students”. In conventional education, specifically in the sciences, the instruction is tailored to one type of student; a student who can sit and maintain focus for hours of lectures, take extensive notes and read the textbook as supplementary material. Her unique teaching practices benefit students with varying learning styles and help students explore knowledge behind the confines of curriculum expectations, and inspire leadership.

Bluky’s students are at the heart of everything she does. She is all about student success. Her intrinsic dedication is underscored by her numerous other activities to support people - IB Language professional training to support newcomers to Canada, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Certification, SafeTalk Certification, Tribes Learning Community Certification, Standard First Aid and CPR Certification, and the completion of the National Coaching Certificate Program. She is also part of the Secondary Assessment Leadership Team and the Student Success and Student Engagement Data Inquiry Project. These involvements reflect her commitment not only to students from an academic perspective but also from mental health and a social perspectives.

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