Jacqueline Monteith – Making Education Accessible

Year: 2021 — Province: Manitoba
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Frontier School Division
Grades K to 12 – science and Instructional Coach
Winnipeg, Manitoba


“Jacqueline has been a leader in the area of distance and remote learning. She is responsible for STEM learning across all grade levels in an immense geographic region. Within that context, she has created dynamic programs that engage students and truly support and enrich learning through a variety of on-going ‘citizen science’ learning and teaching opportunities that are inquiry-based and age-appropriate for students.”


Teaching Approach

Most teachers who go into the profession do it because they want to make a difference in the lives of children. Some teachers take years to develop the skills to become the person who inspires students to want to learn. This is where Jaqueline’s strength lies. She instills curiosity and has a natural ability to ask the questions that make students think. Kids are drawn to her because of her kind and gentle demeanor and the fact that she makes learning fun. Not only does she teach subject matter, she provides life lessons and is a role model. She never gives up on any student. They remember her for the way she treated them.

In the Classroom

One might say that her work contains a unique challenge: geography. Jaqueline’s classroom is actually located in 39 places. As one of two Science Instructional Coaches for Frontier School Division, the largest geographic school division in Manitoba, she serves the rural, remote and Indigenous people in 39 communities. She travels to all the communities to support teachers and provide science education to children who normally would not have access to a science teacher.

Jacqueline had a vision for science in FSD. The challenge was to address the lack of opportunity for students to participate in curricular activities. Jacqueline began a series of livestream events. The intention was simple - to bring science education to students across the North. Livestream science education is based on simple pedagogical principles: inclusion, celebration of traditional knowledge, showcasing community and student expertise, and providing opportunity for student participation. The sessions are about involvement - students become the panelists, and they learn to run the cameras and the livestreaming equipment.

Outstanding Achievements

Jacqueline has made multiple presentations to teachers and administrators across North America with Flinn Scientific and was highlighted as an education expert in their Educator Professional Development series. She was approached by education officials from Dubai to conduct a session for teachers struggling with distance education in science (the subject of Jaqueline’s Master’s degree). She was invited as a Canadian representative to present with the Global Education Collective based in Thailand – sessions that bring together educators from around the world. As well, she presented multiple sessions for Manitoba teachers on Calming the Chaos of 2020 and moving forward with purpose. In addition to those achievements, she is also a sessional instructor at Brandon University and works with youth with additional needs through Manitoba Possible.

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