Lacey Brockhoff – Learning Math is a Collaborative Experience

Year: 2021 — Province: Alberta
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Four Winds Public School
Grades 6 to 8 - mathematics
Morinville, Alberta


“Lacey Brockhoff is incredibly dedicated and leaves a trail of smiles behind her everywhere she goes. She exudes an authentic zeal for teaching. It’s obvious teaching is her vocation. Although early in her career, people see her as a role model. Lacey brings out the best in others by encouraging peers to use their strengths in new ways. Anyone who walks by her open door notices the depth of learning happening, always punctuated with smiles from content students. By studying and responding to the needs of individual students, she connects instruction with their own interests, allowing students to enter the curriculum at their own level.”


Teaching Approach

Collaboration may be the key element of Lacey’s approach to teaching. She has implemented a 360° classroom where students write on vertical non-permanent surfaces around the entire room, rather than sitting in desks. Being able to erase work encourages students to take risks and share their thoughts. Writing in your own binder, with your own pen at your own desk does little to encourage collaboration. When you are standing beside someone and there is only one pen, working together comes naturally. The non-linearity of work these surfaces provide also more accurately reflects the thinking process. Students naturally become the teachers in this setting and build their confidence when they explain concepts to others. She uses randomized groupings of students to reduce barriers and create a positive learning environment. This encourages mobility of knowledge and participation. Besides helping students become more collaborative, this method eliminates social barriers, decreases the reliance on the teacher for answers, and increases enthusiasm and engagement to complete mathematical tasks. 

In the Classroom

Lacey has the ability to optimize academic results with students. She is dedicated to incorporating digital technologies for creation, collaboration and enhanced understanding of learning targets for her students. She designs lessons that effectively engage students, encourage collaboration and result in students discovering answers to complex problems on their own. Lacey is an active creator of “Desmos” activity lessons that offer students a chance to create, collaborate and solve problems together in an engaging environment. The Desmos program is a collaborative collection of high quality math learning experiences. This is a great example of how technology can be used as a tool to create experiences and enhance the learning experience.

Outstanding Achievements

Lacey’s notoriety and reputation are growing. Her circle of influence has garnered considerable attention in professional development organizations across Alberta. She has developed workshops, professional development and instructional videos for a number of professional development consortiums in the province. She did not solicit these opportunities, but rather she was sought out because of the legacy and success of her own teaching. In local professional development sessions, presenters recognized how well she incorporates educational technology into her lessons and the passion she has for teaching. Her services have since been retained to create learning opportunities for teachers across Alberta.

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