Lendyl D’Souza – Inspiring Students to Excel in STEM

Year: 2021 — Province: Ontario
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Notre Dame High School
Grades 9 to 12 - science and wellness
Toronto, Ontario


“One of the key differentiators of a good leader is that they let others lead. This is evident in Mr. D’Souza ’s leadership style, whereby he leads by example and empowers others to make decisions and supports them through the process. His Science Department – teachers and students - often comment that he is a true leader. They feel supported and have an unwavering respect for his ideas, vision and collegiality. He goes out of his way to engage his students.”


Teaching Approach

Now, more than ever, is it important that educators are well versed in delivering their curriculum with a 21st century mindset. Lendyl utilizes a variety of experiential learning methodologies that allow students to grasp and retain scientific concepts. He is able to introduce real world experiences and improvise to enhance student’s retention of scientific principles. This approach expands the breadth of the learning experience and provides the girls with greater hands-on practical experiences. As a result, complex scientific concepts are brought to life allowing the girls to become more connected to their learning, which in turn generates greater understanding and improved learning outcomes.

In the Classroom

In his roles as Science Department Head and Health & Wellness SHSM Lead Teacher at Notre Dame High School, Lendyl inspires and motivates his students to excel in Science, Math and Technology. His teaching style and leadership provide a safe and nurturing environment for his students so they may develop their STEM skills and scientific inquiry skills year-round. Lendyl provides ongoing mentoring and facilitates connections with individuals in STEM-based careers to become role models. His class is really a launch pad for 21st century innovation-based careers.

Lendyl’s classroom is inclusive. He strongly believes that diversity is our strength, and he thrives on learning about students’ background and overall experiences. In doing so, he encourages students to share their background and stories. This diversity leads to greater understanding of the collective world and cultures, resulting in greater creativity and solution development to real world issues. As a teacher in an all-girls school with great cultural diversity, Lendyl also ensures that real world issues including gender equality, human rights and inclusivity are discussed and appreciated. His role modelling and empowerment of his students allow them to break down any gender and racial biases and develop their self-esteem, allowing them to be better global citizens.

Outstanding Achievements

Through his leadership, Lendyl established the Health & Wellness Specialist High Skills Major Program at Notre Dame High School. Students enrolled in the program can acquire sector-based knowledge and skills in STEM-related fields including areas that include Biology, Kinesiology, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Nursing, Paramedicine. The program allows the students to develop skills geared to the health and wellness sector through the specific certification programming and the co-operative education placements. Through Lendyl’s enthusiasm and engaging presence, he has fostered a group of over 50 girls who enrolled into the SHSM program.

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