Patrick Doucet: Technology for Everyone

Year: 2021 — Province: Ontario
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Minto Professional and Technical Center
Grades 9 to 12 - geography and communications technology
Ottawa, Ontario


“Technology courses really lend themselves to the development of digital literacy in students. But Patrick takes it to the next level through classroom activities that motivate students to use digital tools as a deep learning tool. For him, technical skills are good, but technology must serve the whole person’s development.”


Educational approach

Patrick doesn’t hesitate to think outside the box in order to make his students’  learning experience as comprehensive and rewarding as possible. His educational approach is focused on the individual’s needs, which fosters a strong commitment among his students and exceptional school attendance with quasi-perfect success rates. The skills sought by tomorrow’s employers, such as collaboration, communication, resilience, and critical and creative thinking are the cornerstone of his approach, and this goes well beyond curriculum elements that must be taught. Patrick is unequaled in matching resources with student needs and stirring passions in booming areas.

In the classroom

Some 75% of the students who attend the Minto Professional and Technical Center have special needs. While they are just as capable of success as others, these students require special attention - an approach focused on their interests. Patrick has a unique ability to adapt his methods in a manner that promotes the success of students with learning disabilities, both in terms of how he sets up his classroom and how he adapts the curriculum or evaluations, such as the performance evaluations of students where evidence of learning is gathered through conversations, observation, and output versus traditional paper-and-pencil exams.

Exceptional achievements

Since 2019, Patrick has been the manager of the eSports Academy, an apprenticeship program that he himself set up to meet a need he observed in students. Drawing inspiration from the growing popularity of the e-sports industry, he created a comprehensive apprenticeship program to better coach students who aren’t as interested in trade programs. Offered in partnership with the Montreal Esports Academy, this program is unique in Ontario. Registered students develop their leadership, digital and creative culture, and communication skills, in addition to exploring basics in computer programming and creating virtual environments.

Given the importance of recognizing the dangers of the Internet and learning how to prevent them, Patrick's students learn to become good digital citizens, which enables them to recognize and denounce cyberbullying and to adopt pro-social behaviours in their virtual interactions.

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