Robert Davies – Bringing the Best out of Students Through Science

Year: 2021 — Province: Nova Scotia
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

West Hants Middle School
Grades 8 - math & science
Newport, Nova Scotia


“Rob is an outstanding teacher, volunteer and community member. His passion for science has been infectious at West Hants. Through his leadership, he has made our school one of the top sciences schools in the region. His works goes way beyond the classroom. He fosters the love of science through the lunchtime science club and from this group he has taken students to three National Science Fairs. Outside of the school, he coaches hockey and was recognized as the municipality’s volunteer of the year. He has also been coaching a girls hockey team since 2016. Rob is a great asset to the world of education. He is also a great asset to society.”


Teaching Approach

Rob’s approach to teaching is to meet students where they are and take them to another level. He tailors his lessons to the needs and style of each student. Like most teachings contexts today, Rob’s class has learners of various styles and strengths. Beyond having specific tools adapted to individuals, he has the ability to provide the attention and the content simultaneously, within the same classroom, and without leaving students with a sense that they are ranked or compared to their peers.

In the Classroom

Meeting students where they are in their educational journey, Rob has a creative toolbox of assessment tools that he uses in his complex classroom. His students are provided with many options for assessment, giving them the opportunity to develop their problem-solving skills and recognizing their individual learning styles and unique skills. He has the singular ability to bring students to express their knowledge by presenting their art, producing a video, using various apps or building something that reflects their understanding of the subject matter that is being assessed.

A science class with Robert is a theatrical performance. His movement through the room, his interaction with his students, and his penchant for the unpredictable create ongoing motivation and interest. He has an incredible ability to connect with each student, as well as with his colleagues.

Outstanding Achievements

For the past 20 years Rob has distinguished himself in promoting excellence in science  - in Arviat, Nunavut where he started his career, and at West Hants Middle School where he has been teaching since 2007. While in Arviat, Rob was involved in building the science program at Qitiqlik High School and started his first science club. He spent a year raising funds and applying for financial support to take his students to Toronto to visit the ROM and attend workshops at the Ontario Science Centre and the Toronto Zoo. This also when he mentored his first students to participate in the National Science Fair – an activity that he continues to lead to this day in Nova Scotia. Rob has had a number of students attend the event and in 2019 – the most recent edition of National Science Fair – two of Rob’s students who gold for their participation.

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