Jason Bradshaw: Leadership through STEM

Some footage used in this video was filmed prior to the pandemic and may not depict social distancing measures.

Transcription – Jason Bradshaw- 2021 Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence

[Photo, with voice over. Photo: A teacher sitting on a deck outside holding a tablet with chemistry equation and Music playing.]

"Teaching during the pandemic for the past two years now, going on three years, it's been obviously very challenging."

[Fade to white with a medium shot of man, smiling, on the right side of the screen, with the following words appearing, line by line, on the left: Jason Bradshaw, Castlebrooke Secondary School, Brampton, Ontario. Music playing. Cut to photo, with voice over. Photos: 4 consecutive photos of a science experiment with a beaker and flames.]

"I've been incredibly impressed by my students in their ability…"

[Cut to Jason in the interview setting.]

"…to just adapt and understand when things don't go perfectly.

[Cut to photo, with voice over. Photos: Jason standing in front of the classroom, about to put an apparatus and a battery into a beaker; Jason standing behind a lab stand and beaker filled with purple liquid; Jason standing behind a protective screen while an object is sparking and smoking.]

"And understanding that I'm learning right there alongside them. I would say that my teaching style of just bringing my authentic self into the classroom. The more of my own interest and passion that I share with my students, the more that we can effectively build relationships."

[Cut to Jason in the interview setting.]

"When I think about creating the ideal learning space it really begins with making sure that students feel safe, and valued, and respected, and appreciated. And just make sure that they're comfortable in expressing their own identity."

[Fade to black and then up to Jason in the interview setting.]

"I would say that feedback-based assessment has been something that has really changed the way that I approach teaching, and my students approach learning. Traditionally the focus in the classroom has always been on grades and marks."

[Cut to photo, with voice over. Photo: Jason pointing to the periodic table on the wall and two students looking on.]

"It's not the best thing for student mental health or learning when all they're doing is pursuing a number on a page."

[Cut to Jason in the interview setting.]

"So when you shift the focus to a more feedback-based approach, and you de-emphasize the marks now students are taking your feedback to heart. And they're using that to improve their learning. And using that as a roadmap of how to improve. Instead of just seeing a number on a page and thinking that's the end of their learning when they achieve a certain percentage."

[Fade to black and then up to photo, with voice over. Photos: Jason in a school gym with a microphone doing exercise; Jason having a conversation with four students sitting at their desks; Jason holding out his arm with his hand on fire]

"The greatest gift that anyone had ever given me as a professional was to be nominated for the Prime Minister's Award. Knowing that my colleagues, and my students felt that I was worthy of that recognition, it meant so much to me. And there's no feeling like that. So it's a lot of work to do the nomination, but it will change the life of an educator."

[Music ends. Fade to black, with the Government of Canada FIP and then the Canada Wordmark appearing in white.]

Year: 2021 — Province: Ontario
Certificate of Excellence Recipient

Castlebrooke Secondary School
Grades 10 to 12 - biology and chemistry
Brampton, Ontario


“Jason teaches so much more than science, he teaches students how to be better learners and stronger self-advocates and think critically in course work and in life. The deep relationships Jason has formed with former and current students and families, as well as with staff, are a testament to his inspiration and belief in everyone’s greatness and potential.”


Teaching Approach

Jason is a mentor, coach and guide to students as they embark on their learning journey with him in his classes. He believes in informative assessment and uses strategies that continually inform both his teaching practices and learning for his students. He employs Feedback Based Assessment, including use of learning maps, learning goals, and success criteria - all tools that promote student self-reflection and improvement by providing clear and scaffolded expectations. Jason integrates education subjects across other disciplines through his cross-curricular approaches which focus on blending science and literacy.

In the Classroom

Jason is a master of digital and creative literacy in the classroom. He creates virtual learning platforms for students to learn, demonstrate their learning and surpass course expectations. He brings students to express themselves in a multimedia landscape, particularly to publish and share their science results. Jason is focused on embracing and promoting global citizenship while striving to build a positive school climate that is deeply connected to the community.

With over 14 years of teaching experience and a commitment to promoting lifelong learning and unlocking each student’s abilities, Jason has successfully taught courses within the International Baccalaureate program, locally developed vocational programs, as well as university and college preparation courses. Students respond positively to Jason’s efforts to promote inquiry based learning and foster an inclusive classroom. His methods appeal to multiple learning styles and make use of technology to inspire 21st century learners.

Outstanding achievements

Jason is focused on promoting global citizenship while striving to build a positive school climate that is deeply connected to the community. He strives to use instructional approaches that empower modern learners. Within his classroom Jason is committed to addressing real world issues through cooperative classroom learning. Two examples illustrate his commitment. The activity on climate brings Jason’s learners to debate carbon taxes including ideas pertaining to the challenges of low-income earning families obtaining tax credits vs paying an additional tax now. In the evolution activity Jason’s learners consider how white supremacy leads to implicit racism in the development of scientific understandings about genetics and human evolution.

Teaching science is only part of Jason’s work. He is deeply involved with the school’s students through our afterschool program, Counting on You, providing science support and programming to students in need and those wishing to improve their science understanding. Jason has taken up many opportunities to work with diverse groups of students with a wide range of academic strengths and needs. This is an initiative that doesn’t take a teacher into the limelight but it is among the most consequential services one can render to students and to a school. Jason really has the students’ best interests at heart.

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