Jennifer Connolly: A World View to the Classroom

Year: 2021 — Province: Alberta
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Calgary French & International School
Grades 7 and 8 - social sciences, health and life sciences, French
Calgary, Alberta


“Jennifer epitomizes the thoughtful, humanitarian and innovative approach in her educational practice. Her ability to connect with students and faculty in a way that makes them feel valued is unmatched. She is the emulation of the teaching superhero. She leads with a sense of justice that creates an inclusive environment. She is always striving to improve her craft by making it more relevant in a changing world.”


Teaching Approach

Jennifer’s approach is centered on one objective: the growth and development of her students. Trained as a science teacher, her realm of activity extends to all areas of learning. Over the past decade, she has worked to build a social science program that is based on inquiry, critical thinking and the consideration of multiple viewpoints and perspectives. She is committed to building the skills and competencies that allow students to develop strong reasoning skills and make them life-long learners.

In the Classroom

Jennifer is all about openness to change and innovation including extensive use of digital tools and technology in her classroom. Her students engage in learning through mediums like Flipgrid (students filming themselves answering questions) and Hyperdocs where she films herself giving lessons promoting the flipped classroom concept. She has also implemented exciting ways to deliver her lessons through Google Meet in the context of COVID with remote learning.

Jennifer creates a fair and balanced classroom environment – recognizing student differences and celebrating them. She is always there to provide individual support be it academic, social and emotional. Ever the humble leader, she shares her victories and achievements, never leaving anyone behind.

Outstanding Achievements

Jennifer’s steadfast leadership and commitment to global education and service are central to her own values and integral to her teaching practice. She is among the drivers behind the school’s engagement with international education and intercultural understanding. Notably, she has organized the Orange Shirt Days where she prepares learning activities and reflection about the tragic legacy and impact of residential schools. She maintains connections with local Indigenous People who share their spiritual and historical knowledge.

As UNESCO coordinator for the school, she led countless initiatives to generate awareness of community and world issues, with activities to raise funds that make a difference in the lives of vulnerable populations, at home and abroad. The list includes a number of events designed to welcome new Canadians. This is in addition to starting a UNESCO options class and club for students who want to be change makers like herself.

Jennifer fights for fairness, not only in the school, but also in the community. She speaks loudly for the people whose voices might be diminished. She is insightful in identifying personal issues and is always thinking of how the student experience can be improved – championing a 21st century approach to learning that prepares students for the opportunities and challenges of the world.

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