Réjean Nicolas: Making French Come Alive in the Classroom

Year: 2021 — Province: Manitoba
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

École Taché
Winnipeg, Manitoba


“What makes Réjean Nicholas such a great teacher is his desire to make learning fun and accessible for all his students, regardless of their level, and his commitment to continue learning and improving. Réjean is so much fun that the children don’t even realize they’re learning!”


Pedagogical approach

Réjean’s academic challenges are twofold. École Taché is close to downtown Winnipeg, in a multicultural area that includes a Francophone community. Students who come to the school have varying language levels, and some speak very little or no French at all. In addition to being a naturally talented communicator and motivator, Réjean uses advanced digital teaching methods to impart not only the academic fundamentals of the provincial curriculum, but also core French language skills to his students—a monumental achievement.

Réjean’s works under the premise that parents are an integral part of a child’s learning process. He uses tools that enable parents to see their child’s work, progress and challenges in the classroom. It is a collaboration that truly enriches learning and integration.

In the classroom

Réjean has always been creative in his use of digital tools to foster learning and encourage communication between all the stakeholders in a child’s education. His students use various visual methods to express themselves, including making videos. He takes every opportunity to expose the children to French-Canadian music and literature.

Like everyone else in Manitoba and Canada during the pandemic, children ended up staying home for many long weeks because the schools had closed. While some teachers took a while to provide parents and children with a home learning program, Réjean reacted quickly. In fact, even before the lockdown, his class was using an online interface, Seesaw, that allows parents to see photos and videos of classroom activities. Not only does this tool give the children visual support when they want to remember and tell their parents what they did during the day, but it also helps give parents who are not necessarily proficient in French a clearer understanding of what their child is doing and learning throughout the day.

Outstanding achievements

Réjean not only strives for excellence among his own students, but also collaborates with other teachers at the school to create learning opportunities for all of the school’s children. Through intercultural cooperation, he encourages students to connect with each other and to better understand the multicultural world and allows French to thrive in the classroom and in the community.  

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