2023 Recipients – Teaching Excellence

Certificate of Excellence


Amarah Ishaque

Ignite Centre for eLearning teacher Amarah Ishaque is being honoured for her commitment to student success and for making students discover not only their interest in math and science, but also their abilities.

Isaac Ward

Siksika Nation High School teacher Isaac Ward is a leader who successfully integrates STEM with Indigenous ways of knowing and culture.

British Columbia

Cari Wilson

West Vancouver Secondary School teacher Cari Wilson is a leader in STEM education and promotes computational thinking & coding locally and across British Columbia.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Margaret Reha-Taylor and Jill Rose

Waterford Valley High School teachers Margaret Reha-Taylor and Jill Rose are transformative leaders focussed on inclusion and student engagement.

Northwest Territories

Paige Driscoll

Mangilaluk School teacher Paige Driscoll worked tirelessly to connect teaching and learning with place, culture, and the land – making learning more relevant and meaningful to her students.


Godric Latimer-Kim

Crescent School teacher Godric Latimer-Kim has a unique and inspiring approach to drama educator.

Benjamin Smith

Chinguacousy Secondary School teacher Benjamin Smith is dedicated to student success and promoting inclusion and social justice in the education system.

Ann Marie Vanneste

All Saints Catholic High School teacher Ann Marie Vanneste is a transformative leader focused on inclusion, especially for Black students, and a culturally responsive approach to teaching.

Michèle White

Churchill Alternative School teacher Michèle White is an exceptional kindergarten teacher whose empathy, compassion and intuition have had a positive impact on children for decades.


David Crowell

Montgomery School teacher David Crowell is a forward-looking educator who shares the resources that he develops, for all to benefit.

Certificate of Achievement


Amelia Adamowicz

Amelia Adamowicz from the Headway School, inspires her students by showing them the possibilities and then "making learning fun."

Jocelyn Encinas

Ralston School teacher Jocelyn Encinas ignites the scientific spark in her students by giving them the opportunity to learn through real-world experiences.

Leanne Jordison

Duclos School teacher Leanne Jordison fosters a lifelong love of learning by developing self-esteem, promoting responsible citizenship, and encouraging social-emotional intelligence.

Paige Kindopp

Mother Teresa Early Childhood Education Center teacher Paige Kindopp turned a little idea about donuts into a project about kindness that successfully mobilized the community.

Shelley Sinclair

Irma School teacher Shelley Sinclair is a vocal and stoic advocate for improving the educational and cultural opportunities for students in rural settings.

Sarah Steinbach

École H.J. Cody High School teacher Sarah Steinbach inspires her students to contribute to the community and to the world.

Aaron Thacker

Dr. Donald Massey School teacher Aaron Thacker helps children find their voice, celebrate who they are, and achieve success.

British Columbia

Ashley Bodnar

John Henderson Elementary School teacher Ashley Bodnar uses a collaborative learning model to support students and strengthen their competencies.

Colin Brown

Bowen Island Community School teacher Colin Brown is committed to the well-being of his students. He creates an environment where students can take risks trying new things and show kindness to themselves and others.

Andrée-Anne Rivard

Chetwynd Secondary School teacher Andrée-Anne Rivard is a community builder, and a gifted coach.

Molly Young

Collingwood School – Wentworth Campus teacher Molly Young is dedicated to student success and for inspiring students and colleagues to engage in their local and global communities.


Kim Greening

West St. Paul School teacher Kim Greening uses her energy and creativity to inspire her students' passion for learning.

Kelly Hiebert

Westwood Collegiate teacher Kelly Hiebert is an outstanding educator who brings history into the present and imparts the lessons that we must all learn from our past.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Lisa Watts Cobb and Roxanne Penney

Beachy Cove Elementary School educators Lisa Watts Cobb and Roxanne Penney are outstanding educators who make it their mission to develop reading and writing skills with all students.

Northwest Territories

Jennifer Tweedie

Princess Alexandra School and Harry Camsell School teacher Jennifer Tweedie builds cultural bridges that are essential to bringing people together, and to make Reconciliation a reality.


Diane Ballantyne

Centre Wellington District High School teacher Diane Ballantyne is an exceptional teacher who upholds the fundamental values of multiculturalism, equity and equality.

France Frenette Lecours

France Frenette Lecours, teacher at École publique Passeport Jeunesse, uses avant-garde teaching methods and is commitedt to giving children every opportunity to realize their potential.

Patrice Hall-Johnson

Good Shepherd Catholic School teacher Patrice Hall-Johnson is dedicated and committed to inclusion and social justice in the education system.

Bryce Honsinger

St. Davids Public School teacher Bryce Honsinger cares about student success and challenges them to become critical thinkers who are not afraid to take action.

Sarah Luongo

Bishop MacDonell Catholic Elementary School teacher Sarah Luongo has an insightful approach that lets students explore and discover the possibilities of knowledge, and teaches them to overcome the challenges of executing new ideas.

Anne Masojc

St. David Catholic Secondary School teacher Anne Masojc has a forward-looking teaching approach based on cultural openness and providing her students with a global mindset.

Kate Mays

Valleyview Public School teacher Kate Mays has an insightful teaching approach with a focus on individual attention for student success.

Karen Watson

Port Hope High School teacher Karen Watson is committed to student success as well community involvement.

Melanie Williams

St. Paul Catholic Secondary School teacher Melanie Williams is a leader in and out of the classroom, as well as an activist and mobilizer on sustainability and climate change.


Kara Fidelack

Hudson Bay Community School teacher Kara Fidelack is an avid learner, a mentor, and a world traveller who shares her adventures with her students.

All 2023 recipients

2023 Recipients
Certificate Community Name of school Name of recipient Grades and subjects taught
Certificate of Excellence Edmonton Ignite Centre for eLearning Amarah Ishaque Grades 9-12, Math and Science
Certificate of Excellence Siksika Nation Siksika Nation High School Isaac Ward Senior High, Science, Biology and Chemistry
Certificate of Achievement Edmonton Headway School Amelia Adamowicz Grades 7-12, Social Studies, Sikh History, Career Tech Studies
Certificate of Achievement Ralston Ralston School Jocelyn Encinas Grades 6-9, Science, Math, Music, Robotics, Foods, French
Certificate of Achievement Bonnyville Duclos School Leanne Jordison Kindergarten, all subjects
Certificate of Achievement Lloydminster Mother Teresa Early Childhood Education Center Paige Kindopp All grades, Math, science, Social Studies, English/Language Arts, Arts Education, Physical Education, Health, Religion, Inquiry
Certificate of Achievement Irma Irma School Shelley Sinclair Grades 7-12, Mathematics, Career and Life Management, Art and Home Economics
Certificate of Achievement Sylvan Lake École H.J. Cody High School Sarah Steinbach Grades 9-12, Science, Biology, Forensic Science, Physical Education
Certificate of Achievement Edmonton Dr. Donald Massey School Aaron Thacker Grades 7-9, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Health, Photography, Exploration of Film
British Columbia
Certificate of Excellence West Vancouver West Vancouver Schools Cari Wilson 6/7 and 9-12, Applied Design Skills and Technology 9-11 – Robotics, 6-7 – Digital Art, Design & Multimedia
Certificate of Achievement Vancouver John Henderson Elementary School Ashley Bodnar Grades 6/7, All subjects
Certificate of Achievement Bowen Island Bowen Island Community School Colin Brown Grade 3, Math, Reading, Spelling, Writing, ADST, Health, Science, PE, Social Studies, Art
Certificate of Achievement Chetwynd Chetwynd Secondary School Andrée-Anne Rivard Grades 8-12, Math, Science, Biology, Science and Tech, Basketball PE
Certificate of Achievement West Vancouver Collingwood School – Wentworth Campus Molly Young Grade 5, Homeroom, Social Studies, Math, English, Outdoor Learning, Social Emotional Leaning, Community and Connections
Certificate of Achievement Winnipeg West St. Paul School Kim Greening Grades 3 and 4, Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, French, Art
Certificate of Achievement Winnipeg Westwood Collegiate Kelly Hiebert Grades 9 -12, Social Studies, Canadian History, IB History, American History
Newfoundland and Labrador
Certificate of Excellence St. John's Waterford Valley High Margaret Reha-Taylor
Jill Rose
Level I-III, grades 10-12, Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Process Courses
Certificate of Achievement Portugal Cove-St. Philip's Beachy Cove Elementary Lisa Watts Cobb
Roxanne Penney
Grades K-4, Literacy, Numeracy
Grades K-4, Literacy, Numeracy, Technology
Northwest Territories
Certificate of Excellence Tuktoyaktuk Mangilaluk School Paige Driscoll Grades 1 – 9, Math and Science, ELA, ART, Social Studies
Certificate of Achievement Hay River Princess Alexandra School and Harry Camsell School Jennifer Tweedie Grades Junior Kindergarten-5, French as a Second Language
Certificate of Excellence Toronto Crescent School Godric Latimer-Kim Grades 9-12, Drama
Certificate of Excellence Brampton Chinguacousy Secondary School Benjamin Smith Grades 9-12, Student Success, Physical Education, Social Sciences, English
Certificate of Excellence Kanata All Saints Catholic High School Ann Marie Vanneste Grades 9,10,11,12, Civics, Careers, Religion Learning Strategies
Certificate of Excellence Ottawa Churchill Alternative School Michele-White Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten, all subjects
Certificate of Achievement Fergus Centre Wellington District High School Diane Ballantyne Grades 10 and 12, History, Challenge and Change, Equity and Social Justice, Canadian and International Law, World Cultures
Certificate of Achievement Hearst École publique Passeport Jeunesse France Frenette Lecours Kindergarten to Grade 8
Certificate of Achievement Ottawa Good Shepherd Catholic School Patrice Hall-Johnson Kindergarten, French, Language, Math, Religion, Art, Forest School
Certificate of Achievement St. Davids St. Davids Public School Bryce Honsinger Grades 7-8, Math, Language, History, Geography, Science, Phys-Ed, Health
Certificate of Achievement Toronto Bishop MacDonell Catholic Elementary School Sarah Luongo Grades 7 – 8, Mathematics, Language, Science, Geography, History, the Arts, Health and Physical Education, Religion
Certificate of Achievement Waterloo St. David Catholic Secondary School Anne Masojc Grades 9-12, English as a Second Language; International Diplomacy
Certificate of Achievement Kenora Valleyview Public School Kate Mays Kindergarten, all subjects
Certificate of Achievement Port Hope Port Hope High School Karen Watson Grades 9-12, Math, Cooperative education, Guidance, Physical Education, Special education, Geography, Student Success, Business, Civics/Careers, E-learning
Certificate of Achievement Mississauga St. Paul Catholic Secondary School Melanie Williams Grades 9-12, English, history and social science
Certificate of Excellence Saskatoon Montgomery School David Crowell Grades 4-8, Science, Practical and Applied Arts
Certificate of Achievement Hudson Bay Hudson Bay Community School Kara Fidelack Pre-Kindergarten, Grade 1, Science, Social, Health, Arts Education