Corporations Canada Transactional Survey, July to December 2007

Branch and Directorate

Corporations Canada (CC) is the branch of Industry Canada responsible for administering the Canada Business Corporations Act and the Canada Corporations Act (Part II), the statutes under which businesses and not-for-profit corporations are incorporated at the federal level. There are currently over 200,000 federal business corporations and over 19,000 not-for-profit corporations included in the records of Corporations Canada. Each month approximately 1,800 new business corporations are incorporated at the federal level, along with some 200 not-for-profit entities. Clients of Corporations Canada include existing corporations or their professional representatives; entrepreneurs seeking incorporation or their professional representatives; representatives of not-for-profit organizations; and researchers and other general information seekers.


Responding to their 2005-06 Business Plan's objective of offering clients responsive and innovative products and services, Corporations Canada (CC) launched an online Transactional Survey in 2006.

The Transactional Survey's principal goals are:

  • measure the level of client satisfaction with online transactional services;
  • measure client satisfaction on an ongoing basis;
  • offer clients an opportunity to provide feedback on areas requiring improvement; and
  • evaluate findings and where appropriate, respond to clients' suggestions in a timely manner on online transactional issues.

CC established a rudimentary on-line transactional survey a few years ago. While results proved to be mixed because of technological challenges, the underlying value of relevant data and feedback eventually led to this baseline survey, which was developed and implemented by CC staff.

Anticipated Outcomes/Benefits

CC's online transactional services survey provides current data that can be analysed from client segment, geographic area and volume perspectives. As outlined in the Business Plans for 2006-07 and 2007-08, CC staff will use captured feedback to increase market intelligence thus contributing to client relationship management initiatives.

Research Information

During the period of July to December 2007, the on-line survey was offered to 54,758 clients. Of these 15,986 clients replied. The response rate was 29.2%.


This project was designed and analysed by Corporation Canada staff.

Corporations Canada Transactional Survey: July-December 2007 Report