Best Practices at World Heritage Sites - A Tourism-based comparative analysis of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada, the United States and Australia

Small Business, Tourism and Marketplace Services

This report provides the findings of a comparative study conducted in 2015 that sought to determine best practices in tourism at UNESCO World Heritage Sites and identify implications for Canada. The report indicates that these sites can serve as engines of regional economic development if they follow the best practices in tourism identified in the study, provided that these practices support the sites' Universal Outstanding Value.

Date: 2016


  • Electronic (PDF)

Catalogue number:

  • Iu188-125/2015E-PDF
  • Iu188-125/2015F-PDF


  • 978-0-660-04025-7, 978-0-660-04026-4
  • 978-0-660-04025-7
  • 978-0-660-04026-4

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