Building a Nation of Innovators

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Building a Nation of Innovators

PDF: Building a Nation of Innovators

Canadians are at the core of innovation whose ideas and inspirations will guide the future success of our economy. Countries around the world are making large investments to unlock the benefits of technological transformation for their economies and peoples. In order for Canadians to reap the same benefits, we require a new approach that builds on our strong fundamentals, such as sound public finances, a low inflation environment, and the lowest unemployment rates in a generation.

Date: 2019


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  • 978-0-660-30466-3, 978-0-660-30468-7, 978-0-660-30465-6, 978-0-660-30467-0
  • 978-0-660-30465-6
  • 978-0-660-30467-0

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