Building a Nation of Innovators


Building a Nation of Innovators

PDF: Building a Nation of Innovators

The multi-year Innovation and Skills Plan is Canada's response to this new reality, redefining the innovation ecosystem. The Plan builds on Canada's innovation strengths and addresses areas of weakness along the innovation continuum: from people and skills, through to fundamental and applied research, building innovation ecosystems, commercializing ideas and starting-up companies, to exporting and scaling-up globally competitive companies across all sectors of the economy. At it's very core, the Innovation and Skills Plan builds around Canada's competitive advantage: its people.

Date: 2019


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  • Iu44-106/2019E
  • Iu44-106/2019F
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  • 978-0-660-29396-7, 978-0-660-29397-4, 978-0-660-28027-1, 978-0-660-28028-8
  • 978-0-660-29396-7
  • 978-0-660-29397-4
  • 978-0-660-28027-1
  • 978-0-660-28028-8

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