Canada Small Business Financing Program

Small Business, Tourism and Marketplace Services

Canada Small Business Financing Program

PDF: Canada Small Business Financing Program

The CSBF program increases the availability of financing for the establishment, expansion, modernization and improvement of small businesses. It does so by filling a gap by helping small businesses obtain loans that would not otherwise be available to them or that would be obtained under less favourable terms. Under the CSBFA, Industry Canada and commercial lenders share the risk of providing small businesses with term loans for acquiring real property or equipment and making leasehold improvements.

Date: 2015


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Catalogue number:

  • Iu188-107/2015
  • Iu188-107/2015E-PDF
  • Iu188-107/2015F-PDF


  • 978-1-100-54906-4, 978-1-100-25703-7, 978-0-660-23285-0
  • 978-1-100-54906-4
  • 978-1-100-25703-7
  • 978-0-660-23285-0

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