Connectivity is critical infrastructure in the Village of Thode

The resort village of Thode sits on the western shore of Blackstrap Lake, about 30 minutes away from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. High-speed connectivity has rapidly transformed this community over its short history—going from a summer vacation destination to a growing, year-round community.

Approximately 160 residents, largely young families, call the Village of Thode home. The natural beauty of this destination continues to attract new long-term residents and seasonal tourists alike.

Until recently, the biggest everyday challenge for residents was unreliable Internet service. The copper technology previously used was sensitive to weather changes and would often result in residents being cut off from the world, including limiting access to essential and emergency services.

Connectivity is critical community infrastructure

Alan Thomarat is the mayor of the Village of Thode. Since he first became a council member in 2004, he's seen investments made in critical services and infrastructure—including roads, drinking water and wastewater systems—with a view to growing the community, and connectivity was a critical component of these efforts. "To us, the Internet highway is a lot like a national highway system," said Thomarat. "The information highway is extremely important."

"Connectivity bodes well for our future development. When looking to move here, people will often ask about whether there is access to high-speed Internet."

Alan Thomarat, Mayor of the Village of Thode

Connecting the Village of Thode through the Universal Broadband Fund

In February 2022, the Government of Canada announced a project that would connect the residents of the Village of Thode to high-speed Internet through service provider FlexNetworks.

As a result , current and future residents of the community can depend on a consistent connection that lets them work remotely, start an online business from the comfort of their home and access essential services, reliably.

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