Our commitment to rural Canada

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Transcription – Our commitment to rural Canada

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The Honourable Gudie Hutchings
Minister of Rural Economic Development]

When rural and remote communities succeed, all of Canada becomes stronger. Our government recognizes that to truly leverage what rural Canada brings to the table, it starts with your community. So at the highest level, it’s about ensuring that Canada’s smallest towns continue to play a big part in our future.

[Clips of a telecommunications tower in a wooded area, a person having a virtual meeting, an older couple and a young woman working at a computer, and two violinists playing together virtually]

And it starts with access to fast, reliable high-speed Internet. Today, I’m proud to say that 93.5% of Canadian households do have access to high-speed Internet.

[Text on screen:
ensuring that 98% of Canadians
are connected by 2026
by 2030]

Which means we’re well on our way to ensuring that 98% of Canadians are connected to high-speed Internet by 2026, and 100% by 2030. We’ve also made countless investments throughout rural Canada which make it easier for people to thrive in their own communities.

[Clips of stacked logs, a harbour, a dairy farmer looking at a tablet, a woman and child walking across a bridge, electric vehicles charging, two Indigenous people walking through wetlands, a rural community, a man walking a dog, and a technician climbing a communications tower and working on cables and equipment]

From forestry to fishing and agriculture, tourism and clean tech, rural, remote and Indigenous communities have so much to offer our country. Our government is committed to ensuring that all areas have the opportunities and tools to excel and achieve sustainable, long-term growth. That’s good for rural Canadians and that’s great for Canada.

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