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September 3, 2021


Re: Consultation on a modern copyright framework for artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Electronics Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC) represents original electronics manufacturers for innovation in enhanced end-of-life solutions for electronic products in Canada.

Members include: Apple Canada Inc.; Asus; BenQ America Corp.; Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd.; Canon Canada Inc.; CIARA Technologies, Cisco Systems Canada Co.; Dell Canada Inc.; Epson of America Inc.; Fujitsu Canada Inc.; HP Canada Co.; Hewlett Packard Enterprise Canada Co.; IBM Canada Ltd.; LG Electronics Canada Inc.; Lenovo Canada Inc.; Lexmark Canada Inc.; Microsoft Corporation; Northern Micro Inc.; Oracle America Inc.; Panasonic Canada Inc.; Philips-MMD; Ricoh Canada Inc.; Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.; Sony of Canada Ltd.; TCL North America.

EPSC members appreciate the opportunity to comment on the Consultation Paper. We are particularly interested in the Repair section, 3.2.

EPSC cannot comment on technical protection measures as they vary by product and company depending on differing agreements. However, we have some general comments we hope will be considered during the review.

The security of user information on electronic products is of the utmost importance to consumers and businesses that rely on them. With access to technical information, criminals can more easily circumvent security protections, harming not only the product owner but also everyone who shares their network. In an era of sophisticated cyber-attacks, we should not make it easier for criminals to hack security provisions.

Consumers, businesses of all sizes, hospitals, banks, and governments all need reasonable assurance that those they trust to repair their connected products will do so safely, securely, and correctly.

Manufacturers make significant investments in the development of products and services, and the protection of intellectual property is a legitimate and important aspect of sustaining the health of the vibrant and innovative technology industry.

Consumer electronics use on-board software (i.e., firmware) to help control the product. Opening it up for repair purposes exposes the product’s more sensitive functions, such as security features, to potential tampering. Providing unauthorized repair facilities and individuals with access to proprietary information without the contractual safeguards currently in place between Original Electronics Manufacturers (OEMs) and authorized service providers places OEMs, suppliers, distributor, and repair networks at risk.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.


Shelagh Kerr President and CEO
Electronics Product Stewardship Canada