Howard P. Knopf

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September 17, 2021

Ministers Champagne & Guilbeault

Dear Sirs

Re: AI & Internet of Things

I regret not having more time to devote to yet another consultation exercise in the midst of an election and at such a busy time of year. Yet, I thank you for the opportunity. My comments are purely personal and not on behalf of any client or my firm. I will be very straightforward:

  1. There should be no premature rush to solve any problem that is not yet clearly evident and that may never occur. For example, the demand for legislation concerning the VCR in the 1980’s and the decision of Canada, the USA and others to let the market place deal with it was wise and very appropriate as history has shown.
  2. It would be anathema and contrary to the entire purpose and history of copyright to eliminate the requirement of human authorship or creativity. AI is nothing more than a tool, albeit a very sophisticated one. There is no need and no place for copyright in wholly autonomous AI productions.
  3. The creators of AI programs are already amply rewarded though copyright in their programs, and even patent protection in some cases.
  4. The most that should be done about text and data mining is to include the words “such as” in s. 29 of the Copyright Act – which many have long sought for many other good reasons. This is totally consistent with 17 USC 107, the American law on fair use.
  5. Re TPMs, the anti-circumvention portions should be subject to the fair dealing provisos of s. 29.

Yours sincerely,

Howard P. Knopf
cc. Hon. David Lametti