Re:Sound Music Licensing Company

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Re:Sound Music Licensing Company’s Submission to the Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Re:Sound welcomes this Government’s commitment to Canada’s creative communities and the value they bring both culturally and economically. The Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things provides a critical opportunity for stakeholders to provide insight on how Canada’s copyright regime can facilitate innovation while ensuring the protection of creators’ rights.

As background, Re:Sound is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for Performers and Record Labels/Makers for their performance rights in sound recordings of musical works.

We advocate for music creators, educate music users, license businesses (through Entandem, our joint licensing venture with SOCAN) and distribute royalties to creators – all to help build a thriving and sustainable music industry in Canada.

Re:Sound does this in collaboration with our member organizations, ACTRA RACS, Artisti, MROC, CONNECT and SOPROQ, and the major record labels – Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada and Warner Music Canada.

The Rights of Creators Must be Protected

Re:Sound supports and endorses the submissions made on behalf of its fellow music industry collectives, including ACTRA, Artisti and Music Canada. As set out in their detailed submissions, any review of the current copyright regime must ensure that the economic and moral rights of creators are fully and fairly protected.

Re:Sound appreciates the opportunity to participate in this Consultation and we would be pleased to provide any further information that would be helpful.