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Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Subject : Consultation on a Modern Copyright Framework for Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the consultation from business perspective.

Siemens considers that the Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally about connectivity, connecting a wide range of devices in networks that include equipment, machinery and physical systems. Connectivity inherently involves risks which could pose serious impacts including the risks of disruption and hacking. Cybersecurity is at the heart of securing these networks, not only to ensure the operational control and integrity of these systems but also to control and limit access to information. This is at the core of any strategy and system that purports to protect privacy. It is, in our view, the foundation upon which privacy and copyright policies should be built viz secure connected systems.

Siemens has several businesses that are at the heart of IoT, including factory automation and smart infrastructure. Cybersecurity is a core competency of the Company, one that we consider essential to the build-out and operations of secure connected systems. We have been pioneering strategies to create greater awareness and platforms for collaboration globally, including launch of the Charter of Trust. We would be pleased to participate in the on-going consultation on these important matters.

Thank you.

Ayesha Javed
Siemens Canada Limited