Survey on Financing and Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises, 2017 - Methodology Report

1. Background Information

The objective of this survey was to collect general characteristics on small- and medium-sized businesses and their financing activities. It collected information on the types of debt, lease and equity financing that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) rely on. Furthermore, it collected information on any recent attempts to obtain new financing. It also collected additional information about circumstances that affect the way these businesses operate.

Statistics Canada conducted this survey on behalf of a consortium led by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. The data obtained from this survey will be used by both the public and private sectors. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada will use this information to study the availability of financing to SMEs and to recommend policy changes to assist businesses. Other government departments will use this information to develop national and regional programs and for policy planning. Businesses will use this information for market analysis or to compare the performance of their firm with the performance of firms of a similar size within the same industry. Industry associations will use the information for industry performance measurement and for market development, and suppliers of financing for SMEs will use the information to determine gaps in their services.