Wireless low power devices

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Wireless low power devices such as wireless microphones and cameras, talking signs, baby monitors, cordless telephones, etc., may either require a radio licence or be exempted from licensing. The frequency band in which the equipment is designed to operate and the operating power determine whether or not a radio licence is necessary. For more information on Industry Canada's policy and licensing procedures for wireless low power devices, please consult Client Procedures Circulars 2-1-11 (CPC-2-1-11), Low-power Licensed Radio Apparatus.

Operating Conditions for Wireless Low Power Devices

Wireless low power devices operate on a "non–interference non–protection" basis: they may not cause radio interference, and they cannot claim protection from interference to which they may be subjected. Interference to these wireless low power devices may cause them to malfunction or fail. Industry Canada recommends that under such conditions, operation of the affected device(s) be discontinued until the interference is addressed and rectified, particularly if the device is used for a safety of life application. Contact the supplier or manufacturer of the affected device for assistance.

June 24, 2009

Industry Canada has issued a Notice Regarding the Operation of Wireless Medical Telemetry Systems Devices in Canada.

Health Canada has issued a Medical Devices Alert (PDF, 31 KB) for users of certain medical telemetry devices, e.g., cardiac patient monitors, which operate on unoccupied television channels.

Equipment Specifications for Licence–Exempt Wireless Low Power Devices

Radio Standards Specification 210 (RSS–210), Low Power Licence–Exempt Radiocommunication Devices, sets out technical standards for the certification of wireless low power devices, as well as criteria and standards for certification exemption. All devices are exempt from licensing if they function according to prescribed standards.

Equipment Specifications for Wireless Low Power Devices

Radio Standards Specification 123 (RSS–123), Low Power Licensed Radiocommunication Devices, sets out the technical standards for the certification of wireless low power devices that are permitted to operate in the frequency bands listed in Table 1 thereof. For these devices, a Technical Acceptance Certificate (TAC) and a radio licence are required.

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Importing Wireless Equipment into Canada
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For more information, you may contact the Industry Canada Spectrum Management Office nearest you.