N9 — Common Logging Radio Frequencies in Northern Ontario

The common logging radio frequencies listed in the table below may be used in the authorized areas and in areas north of 51 degrees latitude in Ontario.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) recognizes that truckers in the logging industry require reliable truck-to-truck communications while on our roadways. For this reason, eight common logging channels (radio frequencies) have been made available for two-way, truck-to-truck radio communications while on certain designated roadways in Northern Ontario. The intent of these channels is to coordinate the safe movement of vehicles on logging roads rather than provide “chat lines” for truck operators. In order to minimize potential radio interference to other radio users, especially essential safety services, use of these channels is restricted to specific geographical areas.

It is very important to understand that use of any channel or frequency outside its authorized area could result in interference to other radio users. Such interference could create dangerous situations and jeopardize lives – including yours. The other radio user, for example, could be an ambulance system dispatching a first response team, or a municipal fire department dispatching a fire truck in a community. Misuse of a radio channel could also cause interference to a heart monitor at a local hospital, or a paging service trying to contact a doctor in order to respond to a sick child.

Frequencies and Conditions
Channel Frequency (MHz) Authorized area of operation
1 150.290 The districts of Thunder Bay and Sudbury; part of the District of Algoma, south of the CN Rail line.
2 159.270 East of Nipigon, north of Wawa, Chapleau, Watershed and west of Matheson and Elk Lake.
3 163.980 The districts of Cochrane, Algoma, Sudbury, Timiskaming, Nipissing, Manitoulin and Parry Sound; part of the District of Kenora, north of Red Lake; Highway 17 extending east to Pembroke, north of Highway 60 and all of Algonquin Park.
4 165.180 The districts of Kenora, Thunder Bay and west of Wawa and Hearst, except 50 km radius of Red Lake.
5 170.250 Sudbury, South on Highway 69 to Parry Sound; Sudbury, east on Highway 17 to Pembroke; north of Highway 60, all of Algonquin Park and north of Highway 141.
6 170.310 The districts of Kenora, Rainy River and Thunder Bay.
7 171.000 The districts of Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay and west of Highway 129, Chapleau and Hearst.
8 172.065 The districts of Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder Bay, Algoma and Cochrane; part of the District of Sudbury, north of Cartier and Capreol, except the 50 km radius of Red Lake.