BETS-11 — Technical Requirements Respecting the Identification of Broadcasting Stations

Issue 1
November 1, 1996

Spectrum Management
Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standard


This document establishes technical requirements respecting the identification of broadcasting stations.

Table of Contents

  1. General
  2. Technical Requirements

1. General

The broadcasting stations for which a call sign has been issued must identify according to the technical requirements in this document.

2. Technical Requirements

2.1 Using the call sign issued to the broadcasting station, the holder of a Broadcasting Certificate shall, during any time that the broadcasting station for which that certificate was issued transmits a radio signal, identify the broadcasting station at least once every hour on the hour or within 10 minutes thereof, or at the beginning and end of a program where the program lasts longer than one hour, by a voice announcement in English or in French that:

  1. articulates each letter and states any accompanying designator of the call sign of the station; and
  2. names the principal city or community that is served by the station.

2.2 In the case of a television broadcasting station, the voice announcement may be replaced by a visual announcement of not less than three seconds in duration that identifies the call sign assigned to that station and the principal city or community that is served by that station.

2.3 The holder of a Broadcasting Certificate for a broadcasting station or network that originates programming shall identify at least once every day, in the manner set out in 2.1 or 2.2, as the case may be, a station that is licensed to rebroadcast the programming.

2.4 Paragraph 2.3 does not apply in respect of a rebroadcasting station where the Broadcasting Certificate issued in respect of that rebroadcasting station specifies that the rebroadcasting station:

  1. has been assigned a radio frequency without protection from interference caused by a broadcasting undertaking;
  2. shall not cause interference to any broadcasting undertaking; and
  3. is not within any zone that, by virtue of an agreement between Canada and any other country, requires Canada to obtain the concurrence of that other country to the establishment of that rebroadcasting station.