Public Notice - Lynx Mobility Inc.

Radiocommunication Act


Notice is hereby given that Industry Canada has received a bona fide letter of intent from Lynx Mobility Inc. for the implementation and operation of a cellular radio system to provide mobile and fixed wireless services for the Quebec community of Natashquan. This proposal requesting half of the cellular frequency "sub-band A" (825.0300-830.0300 MHz paired with 870.0300-875.0300 MHz) has been submitted for a radio authorization in accordance with the process outlined in Industry Canada's "Policy for the Provision of Cellular Service by New Parties" (RP-019), published March 12, 1998 in the Canada Gazette under Notice DGTP-005-98.

Examination of Proposal

Copies of the letter of intent and coverage area map are available for public viewing by appointment, for a period of two months, at Industry Canada's Quebec Regional Office, Spectrum Management, 5 Place Ville-Marie, 7th Floor, Montreal, Quebec. This notice and the letter of intent, including coverage area map are available on the Internet at under "Cellular Services / New Party Cellular Services".

Invitation for Proposals

Any other potential service provider may file with Industry Canada a bona fide letter of intent outlining proposals to offer specified services in the cellular frequency "sub-band A" for a portion or all of the proposed geographical areas on or before October 9, 2009. Letters of intent should be addressed to Alain Côté, Director, Operations, Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunication, Industry Canada, 5 Place Ville-Marie, 8th Floor, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 2A2. Submissions received after the closing date will not be given consideration.

For more information, contact:
Alain Côté
Director, Operations
Spectrum, Information Technologies and Telecommunication
Quebec Region
Industry Canada
Telephone: 514-283-8478
Facsimile: 514- 283-7035