Cell towers in your community: How the decision is made

The Government of Canada regulates tower siting decisions, settles disputes, and sets health and safety standards.

New towers give wireless customers better, more reliable mobile service.

The February 5, 2014 announcement brought changes to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's Antenna Tower Siting Policy.

1. Share
Is a new tower necessary? Rules require companies to share towers, whenever possible, instead of building new ones.
2. Propose
Companies must submit a plan to the local municipality.
3. Notify
Once a company has a plan, it must notify local residents of the upcoming consultation following ISED’s or the municipality’s consultation process.
4. Consult
The company must consider the community's views.
* Impasses are rare. <0.1% of cases require Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's decision.
5. Build
Following the consultation, and once the company and local municipality agree, the tower must be built within three years.