Computers for Schools (CFS) public statement

The Computers for Schools (CFS) Program maximizes the useful life of federal computer equipment, facilitating its refurbishment and donation to Canadian schools, libraries, Aboriginal communities and not‐for‐profit learning organizations. A strategic environmental assessment of the program proposal determined that the CFS Program is likely to have important positive environmental effects.

The CFS Program supports the following Federal Sustainable Development Strategy goal and target:

Goal 8: Greening Government Operations

8.6 Target: By March 31, 2014, each department will reuse or recycle all surplus electronic and electrical equipment (EEE) in an environmentally sound and secure manner.

As the first reuse option for government departments and agencies disposing of surplus electronic equipment, the CFS Program helps manage federal computer equipment in an environmentally sound and secure manner. The reuse of equipment positively affects the future generation of workers and students, giving certain groups access to computer technologies that they may not otherwise be exposed to. It also helps to minimize the environmental footprint of government operations.

In addition, the CFS Program has contributed significantly to the development of provincial recycling programs for electronic waste. Any computer equipment not used by the CFS Program is recycled through the appropriate recycling program.

By diverting electronic waste from landfills across Canada, the CFS Program helps advance the following Federal Sustainable Development Strategy goals:

  • reducing toxic dispersion, affecting air, water and nature;
  • enhancing material recyclability (reduced waste), affecting nature;
  • enhancing sustainable use of renewable resources, affecting nature; and
  • extending product durability, affecting nature.

Environmental sustainability remains an important part of the CFS Program. In refurbishing and extending the useful life of computers, this program is helping advance the goals of the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy.