Public statement for the Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF) in relation to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF) was first introduced in Budget 2008, providing $250 million over five years to automotive companies in support of strategic, large‐scale research and development (R&D) projects in the automotive sector to support innovative, greener and more fuel‐efficient vehicles. Building on the initial commitment, the AIF was renewed in January 2013 with an additional $250 million over the next five years (2013‐2018)..

An analysis of the program has found that some AIF‐supported activities may contribute indirectly to the achievement of the 2010‐2013 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) goals and targets:

Goal 1: Reduce greenhouse gas emission levels to mitigate the severity and unavoidable impacts of climate change.

  • Target 1.1 Relative to 2005 emission levels; reduce Canada's total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) 17% by 2020.

The AIF may contribute to Goal 1 of the FSDS by supporting:

  • leading-edge engineering, design and prototype development;
  • new product development, including advanced emissions technologies, energy-efficient engines and transmissions, and materials such as engineered plastics and lightweight components and materials;
  • product testing with a view to ensuring cleaner, more efficient automotive performance and reducing greenhouse gases;
  • the development of new production methods and process technologies, including flexible manufacturing techniques, robotics and IT systems, to substantially increase productivity and efficiency;
  • new/expanded facilities to produce leading-edge, energy-efficient vehicles and powertrains.