Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF): CAE Project Digital Intelligence – Public Statement

In accordance with the Cabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals (2010), a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Preliminary Scan was conducted for CAE’s Project Digital Intelligence.

Project Digital Intelligence is a Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) project that will see CAE develop and integrate advanced digital technologies to strengthen Canada’s leadership in simulation and training and bring cutting-edge innovation to multiple sectors, including healthcare, aviation, and security.

The Preliminary Scan indicated that the proposal is unlikely to result in negative environmental effects, as the project does not have adverse impacts on land, air, or water. The project may have positive direct and indirect environmental impacts as CAE develops cutting-edge product innovation and enhances its manufacturing process, which will contribute to the increased use of simulation-based training solutions. The use of simulation platforms in pilot training is inherently environmentally friendly as it helps to reduce the pollution associated with flying live aircraft. The project will also support a significant reduction in materials (i.e. Green Manufacturing) through the adoption of new platform technology and the development of new design and production methodologies. Furthermore, by leveraging digital technologies and devices, CAE’s new simulation platforms are expected to consume less power.

The project will help meet the goals and targets of the 2016-2019 Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS), namely: Effective action on climate change—reducing Canada's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (FSDS Goal 1); and, Safe and healthy communities—minimizing the threats to air quality so that all Canadians live in clean, sustainable communities that contribute to their health and well-being (FSDS Goal 13).