Glossary: Strategic Innovation Fund

Activities aligned to the four Streams that are eligible for funding under the Strategic Innovation Fund and required to complete a project. Activities will be proposed by the Applicants as part of the project proposal and finalized in the Contribution Agreements.
Anchor companies:
A firm with market leadership, sufficient scale, and capacity to draw upon existing resources in order to facilitate collaboration and support projects that contribute to Spillover Benefits and lasting economic benefits.
For Streams 1, 2 and 3 the Applicant is a corporation incorporated pursuant to the laws of Canada proposing to carry on business in Canada, and for Stream 4, the Applicant is a consortium or network. The term Applicant applies to step 1 (Statement of Interest) and step 2 (Full Application) of the application process. A funding decision will be made only after step 2.

Applicants which are consortia require a Lead Applicant which is responsible for submitting the program applications.
Refers broadly to the documents submitted to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) in order to participate in the two-step application process for funding from the Strategic Innovation Fund. This is comprised of the step 1 Statement of Interest and step 2 Full Application. The Statement of Interest Guide provides instructions and guidance for step 1 preparation.
A group of applicants applying under Stream 4 that may include Canadian universities, colleges, research institutes, for profit corporations (including SMEs) and/or not-for-profit entities that will receive program funding. The Consortium must have one Lead Applicant and must consist of two or more members.
Conditionally Repayable:
A Strategic Innovation Fund contribution repayment basis under which the amount and/or timing of a repayment is determined by conditions specified in the Contribution Agreement. An agreement may have both conditional and unconditional repayments.
Contribution Agreement:
A written agreement between the Government of Canada and an eligible Applicant that sets out the obligations and understandings of both with respect to one or more transfer payments. Upon execution of the Contribution Agreement the Applicant is referred to as the Recipient. The Government of Canada is responsible for drafting the program Contribution Agreements.
Eligible Costs:
The costs to which program funding may be applied and which are established in the Contribution Agreement. For further details refer to the Strategic Innovation Fund Program Guide.
Ineligible Applicant:
Applicants that do not meet the program eligibility criteria to receive funding from the Strategic Innovation Fund.
Ineligible application:
Applications that do not meet the program eligibility criteria.
Ineligible Costs:
Costs that are not eligible for reimbursement through the program. Ineligible costs may be required to complete the Strategic Innovation Fund project and may be considered in a project assessment.
Lead Applicant:
For Stream 4, Consortia must have one Lead Applicant which must be incorporated pursuant to the laws of Canada, carry on business in Canada and propose to conduct industrial research and technology demonstration activities, and will be responsible to submit a project application and manage the project.
Statement of Interest Form:
A form, with attachments, that requires Applicant information, an overview of the proposed project, as well as current and historical corporate information as part of step 1 of the Strategic Innovation Fund application process. The Statement of Interest Form will be assessed to determine if a project meets the stated objectives of the program and if applicants have the basic managerial, financial and technical capability to undertake the project.
Modern Building:
A building constructed using current standards and initiatives, such as in the areas of energy efficiency and environmental impact.
For the Strategic Innovation Fund, Networks refer to a Lead Applicant that is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in Canada, which would further distribute funds to research partnerships consisting of industry, academic and research institutions for the purpose of co-funding collaborative research and technology development projects. The Networks will be solely responsible for assessing, approving and managing the projects they will support.
The combined activities that are required to accomplish a stated objective and the completion of the activities may result in specific outcomes being achieved. The Contribution Agreement includes a statement of work that details the eligible project and related activities.
Spillover Benefits:
Benefits generated by the project which positively impact the larger innovation ecosystem, companies, the community or other organizations which are not directly involved in the project.
A legal entity that is a party to the Contribution Agreement and receives program funding. Upon approval of a project following Step 2 of the application process and the signing of a contribution agreement, the applicant becomes a Recipient. Potential recipients for the Streams are outlined in the Strategic Innovation Fund Program Guide.
Unconditionally Repayable:
A Strategic Innovation Fund contribution repayment basis under which the amount and timing of repayments are scheduled in the Contribution Agreement. An agreement may have both conditional and unconditional repayments.