The application process: Strategic Innovation Fund

To apply to the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), you must have an eligible project. We accept applications on an ongoing, non-competitive basis.

1) Check your eligibility

To see if your project is eligible you can check your eligibility online.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you will be able to consult with us.

You must consult a SIF officer for certain types of projects before completing a Statement of Interest form. These projects include:

  • projects requesting SIF funding for over $100 million
  • projects linked to specific government priorities
  • Collaborations and Networks projects

2) Complete the Statement of Interest (SOI) application package

The Statement of Interest (SOI) application provides an overview of your project. In this application form you will help us better understand your project by:

  • describing your project
  • telling us how your project meets the objectives of the Strategic Innovation Fund
  • telling us how your project will benefit Canadians
  • indicating whether your organization has the basic financial and corporate capability to complete the project

3) Receive notification of results and next steps

SIF assesses all application forms based on Government of Canada priorities and the benefits of the project. Each SOI application form is assessed by officials from SIF, the industry sector and from other government departments.

Projects that will not proceed to full application

If your project is not accepted to move forward in the SIF application process, a SIF officer will notify you by an official letter.

Your SIF officer may suggest alternative funding programs that are more aligned with your project. In some cases, SIF may connect you with Accelerated Growth Services (AGS) for further assessment of your project and assign you to an Innovation Advisor, who can further help your business.

Projects that may proceed to full application

If your SOI is accepted to proceed in the SIF application process, you will receive a letter of intent inviting you to submit a full application.

You can only access the full application by invitation from SIF.

For this application, we will ask you for more detailed project information, which will be used to complete a due diligence and benefits assessment of your project. This process may take several months.

Learn more: The assessment process