Industrial Decarbonization Team

The Industrial Decarbonization Team (IDT) facilitates and supports the development and financing of transformative projects in Canada's industrial sectors. The IDT aims to help Canada achieve its 2030 and 2050 emission reduction targets, while building a more competitive and low-carbon economy for Canada.

We are looking for decarbonization projects that:

  • Have the ability to transform the Canadian economy towards a net zero future. In general, projects should be deployable (TRL 7-9) technology or infrastructure that would contribute to building a more competitive and low-carbon economy for Canada.
  • Result in significant domestic GHG reductions by 2050.
  • Are large in scale and bring together multiple industrial partners around a collaborative project. Projects should aim to decarbonize entire value chains by bringing together multiple parties to mobilize transformational results within one or more sectors.

To assist project proponents, we:

  • Offer direct access to analysts that are dedicated to supporting promising project concepts and turning them into a reality.
  • Act as a central point of contact with the Government of Canada for project proponents working on large-scale industrial decarbonization projects.
  • Coordinate and identify funding opportunities in partnership with key federal departments and their funding programs.
  • Work with companies to position high-potential project concepts for success as they move through the project development process, build partnerships, and seek access to appropriate federal funding.

If this sounds like you, please send an email to and we will respond to you directly.

In your initial email, please include the following:

  • Name of your project
  • Project's capital expenditure and anticipated funding need
  • Description of existing partnerships on the project that are additionally seeking support
  • Anticipated impacts on Canadian value chains
  • GHG emission reductions associated with the project (per year).

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Proponent acknowledges that when providing information to the Industrial Decarbonization Team (IDT), they hereby consent to the disclosure of any and all information provided, to other federal government departments, agencies or partners, or other levels of government to inform specific funding, support, and partnership decisions; research, analysis, policy development, and facilitation of program improvements; and identification of opportunities through additional innovation support programs and services that may be available to the Proponent.