Overview of funded projects

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) aims to attract and support high-quality business investments in Canada's most dynamic and innovative sectors. This fund supports innovative business activities such as R&D projects, firm expansion, attraction of large-scale investments to Canada and collaborative technology demonstration projects. See list of funded projects.

The breakdown of the 107 projects and $6.9B in SIF contributions is as follows:

100 projects

Business Innovation and Growth
(Streams 1-3)

  • R&D and commercialization
  • Firm expansion and growth
  • Investment attraction and reinvestment

Current as of November 22, 2022


in SIF contributions


total investment leveraged


jobs expected to be created and maintained
(not including indirect, induced, and construction jobs)

Current as of November 22, 2022


commitments obtained for co-op opportunities

Current as of November 22, 2022


secured in R&D commitments

42 SMEs

32 Canadian-owned firms to achieve scale and commercial success

10 subsidiaries to innovate, invest, and create jobs in Canada

Current as of July 5, 2021

7 successful applicants

Collaborations and Networks
(Streams 4 & 5)

  • Industrial research, development and technology demonstration
  • National ecosystems



in SIF contributions


total investment leveraged

Note: The numbers included in this breakdown are made up of projects that have executed contribution agreements.


Current as of November 22, 2022

Open to all regions across Canada


Note: Funding for Stream 4 (Collaborative technology development and demonstration) and Stream 5 (National ecosystems) is allocated to the home province(s) of the lead recipient(s); however, these networks are national in scope and will support network members from across Canada.

Current as of November 22, 2022