Stream 4 – Automation and Digital Technologies in the Agriculture and Agri-food Sector

Winning Applicants: Canadian Food Innovators

Project Name: Canadian Food Innovators Network (CFIN)

This project proposes to boost product development, process innovation and technology adoption in Canada's food and beverage processing sector. CFIN aims to kickstart innovation within Canada's food and beverage processing sector by connecting stakeholders through digital resources and collaborative activities, such as advanced technology platforms, industry advisors, and events focused on sector growth and market access. The Network will also improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the agri-food sector by making existing innovations and best practices available to a wider range of stakeholders in the agri-food system through the creation of a digital hub.

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Key Outcomes:

Connecting key players in the food industry

The project will unite research and development centres, SMEs, MNEs, academia and international innovation centres via a digital hub and physical network events for collaboration and value creation.

The Network will also foster collaboration and leverage industry support to spur new technology adoption, new product development and further research and development across the sector.

Creation of a Digital Hub

The proposed Canadian Food Innovation Digital Hub is the first step toward a Canadian Agri-Food Innovation Centre as recommended by the Canada's Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table. The networked centre / hub for agri-food innovation will help meet consumers' desire for innovative food products and advance technology adoption in the sector.

Canadian investment in agri-food innovation

The network will be composed of food processing organizations and firms that will invest in a series of digitally enabled automation pilots and long-term collaboration among Canadian food and beverage manufacturers to develop a foundational shift towards sustainable agri-food production with increased global market share.

Through the investment in this project, Canadians will benefit from faster growing small and medium sized companies, more Canadian brands, and increased choice of innovative, healthy, and sustainable food and beverage products.


A starting composition of 18-members across all 10 provinces including:

  • BC Food Processors Association
  • Alberta Food Processors Association
  • Food and Beverage Manitoba
  • Food and Beverage Ontario
  • Conseil de la Transformation Alimentaire Du Québec
  • Food and Beverage Atlantic
  • FOODTECH Canada
  • Saskatchewan Food Development Centre
  • Manitoba Food Development Centre
  • NSF International
  • Cintech agroalimentaire
  • BioFoodTech
  • Perennia
  • Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development