Stream 4—Collaborative Technology Development and Demonstration Stream

Strategic Innovation Fund—Stream 4

Health and Biosciences competition: Shortlist of Applicants invited to submit a full application

Thanks to all applicants for submitting a Statement of Interest to our competitive process.

All Statements of Interest received were assessed against the defined eligibility and program selection criteria.

The following shortlist of applicants have been invited to the second stage of the competition. Full applications are due by January 25, 2019. Winners will be announced in Spring 2019.


Lead Applicant: Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

Lead Applicant Location: Mississauga, Ontario

Proposal Title: Canadian Personalized Healthcare Innovation Network—Integrated Data Network

Proposal Description: C‑PHIN will create a pan‑Canadian data platform (C‑PHIN IDN) that links important data assets to drive innovation and advance personalized healthcare, including:

  • Genomic/multi‑omic data;
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) data from health institutions;
  • Clinical trial and registry data; and,
  • Patient‑generated data beginning with data on patient experience and outcomes that can flow from mobile devices of patients and caregivers.

Proposal Contact: Michael Duong

Lead Applicant: Imagia

Lead Applicant Location: Montréal, Québec

Proposal Title: ReImagining Healthcare

Proposal Description: The Imagia‑led "ReImagining Healthcare (RIH)" consortium deploys the unique "EVIDENS" artificial intelligence (AI) discovery platform and aggregates the expertise of the AI institutes, foundations, granting agencies and NGOs, universities, healthcare institutions and industrial partners across Canada, joining forces in a common mission to improve healthcare through AI.

EVIDENS is Imagia's initiative to develop an AI collaboration ecosystem for clinical experts and AI scientists to achieve breakthroughs by leveraging the support from AI pioneers such as Prof. Yoshua Bengio.

The RIH consortium and EVIDENS creates a robust network effect between medical institutions, clinical and AI researchers, with the potential to develop and attract highly skilled talent across Canada to accelerate commercialization through medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies of AI‑first discoveries and further establish Canada as an internationally recognized leader in AI.

Proposal Contact: Alexandre Le Bouthillier

Lead Applicant: XCO Tech Inc.

Lead Applicant Location: Penticton, British Columbia

Proposal Title: The integration of novel wearable sensor technology, data analytics and machine learning for precision medicine applications.

Proposal Description: This proposed pan‑Canadian consortium aims to demonstrate sensitive, objective clinically‑meaningful assessments for a variety of pathological conditions by leveraging proprietary clinical grade wearable technology, advanced data analytics and emerging machine learning technologies. The system will be capable of assessing traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative disease, musculoskeletal injury and age related decline in a number of key functions that govern quality of life. The demonstrated system will be precise, cost‑effective, portable and automated, with the goal of enabling use in clinics across Canada including rural and remote northern communities.

Proposal Contact: Scott McMillan


Lead Applicant: Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada

Lead Applicant Location: London, Ontario

Proposal Title: Virtual Integrated Reliable Transformative User‑driven E‑Health System (VIRTUES) Network

Proposal Description: This transformed healthcare is:

  • to amalgamate data from various sources,
  • to assemble a collection of ongoing and real‑time data in a secured manner, and
  • to integrate data in a meaningful manner for patients, their caregivers, and healthcare providers of choice.

The goal is improving quality and accessibility of care at a lower cost requires a drastic change in healthcare that is disruptive innovation.

Proposal Contact: Dr. Anthony Tang

Lead Applicant: Bruyère Research Institute

Lead Applicant Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Proposal Title: The Network of Integrated Innovation for Aging (NIIFA)

Proposal Description: A national network of hubs that develops innovation‑focused healthcare technologies for seniors that simultaneously improves quality of life while lowering the cost of care.

Proposal Contact: Mitchell Kutney

Lead Applicant: Precinomics Health Solutions

Lead Applicant Location: Montreal, Québec

Proposal Title: Precinomics Health Solutions: A data driven transformation of healthcare research and delivery through precision medicine.

Proposal Description: Precinomics will develop a national collaborative digital platform that will leverage, structure and integrate Canada's rich array of datasets and enrich them with omics data, to accelerate medical knowledge and scientific discoveries and improve the management and performance of healthcare delivery.

Proposal Contact: Alain Gignac

Lead Applicant: The Terry Fox Research Institute

Lead Applicant Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Proposal Title: The Marathon of Hope Network

Proposal Description: We will build a scalable platform for the Network using state‑of‑the‑art data governance principles, technology (i.e. distributed machine learning, identity management, privacy, etc) for precision cancer medicine. This truly transformative platform brings the culture, processes, and digital technology together that is needed to accelerate progress against cancer, and build an ecosystem for the industry of precision medicine, and improve the health of Canadians.

Proposal Contact: Stephen Herst

Lead Applicant: Sunnybrook Research Institute

Lead Applicant Location: Toronto, Ontario

Proposal Title: Industry Consortium for Image Guided Therapy (ICIGT)

Proposal Description: This proposal is a targeted commercialization initiative that leverages progress in AI to advance medical technologies and research and business expertise in Image‑Guided Therapy (IGT). IGT synergistically combines medical therapy and medical imaging to plan and monitor treatments and disease outcomes.

Proposal Contact: Kullervo Hynynen

Lead Applicant: Alberta Innovates

Lead Applicant Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Proposal Title: Health Data Mobilization Network

Proposal Description: Our vision is to establish Canada as a global leader in health system innovation at scale, capable of mobilizing health data to support the design, implementation and scalability of data‑powered health technologies for Canadian companies to accelerate market and job growth and create the pipeline of next generation products capable of transforming healthcare delivery. Our mission is to create a collaborative ecosystem in which high‑growth, Canadian companies partner with health systems to leverage health system data and to support adoption, scalability and advancement of data‑driven innovation to tackle the most prominent and nascent health challenges. The network will be led by Alberta Innovates and engage industry, health systems, academia, government, innovation centres and national health organizations across Canada to create an ecosystem with proven, innovative technologies and products that, when scaled, drive economic growth and demonstrate value and quality health outcomes for Canadians.

Proposal Contact: Tim Murphy