Stream 4 – National Scale Initiatives at the Intersection of Data and Digital Capabilities in the Health and Biosciences (00020)

Winning Applicant: Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) / Imagia

Project Name: Digital Health and Discovery Platform (DHDP)

The proposal seeks to create a world-leading innovation framework to enable collaborations across the country between the health sciences and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sectors. The project will advance research to deliver precision medicine therapies and lead to new cures. DHDP's AI-powered discovery tools will allow for more personalized care across Canada, improving outcomes and reducing costs for Canadians. This will place Canada at the forefront of international efforts to accelerate the fight against cancer and other diseases.

News Release

Key Outcomes:

Transformational technology 

The DHDP creates a pan-Canadian data health platform driven by cutting-edge AI to integrate diverse sources of data, (including genomics, imaging, electronic medical records) and drives collaborative precision medicine. The project makes use of shared data to discover new therapeutic interventions, such as AI-derived biomarkers, for personalized diagnoses and treatments.

Patients obtain unprecedented access and consent / control of their own data in this platform, thereby engaging and empowering them.

Industry & research collaboration

The project unites a broad coalition of industry professionals and academic researchers with cutting-edge expertise in health and data sciences, software engineering and AI. DHDP links-up Canada`s major cancer centre partners within the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network. The Platform serves as a conduit for companies to work together with research institutions.

Making use of shared data will accelerate new health sciences discoveries and stimulate SME growth to commercialize the discoveries.

Fighting cancer and beyond

The project advances cancer research and enables collaborations across Canada, towards the delivery of the best treatment for each cancer patient using personalized medicine.

While the initial focus is on cancer, DHDP will be extended to other diseases, including neurological (e.g. Alzheimer's) and cardiovascular conditions.


A starting composition of 95-members across 9 provinces: 31 healthcare institutions, 9 SMEs and 10 large enterprises, 7 universities, 22 research foundations, granting agencies and NGOs, and all 4 major Canadian AI research labs from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec including:

  • University Health Network/Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Amplitude Ventures Capital Management
  • MILA
  • BC Cancer
  • McGill University Hospitals (MUHC and JGH)
  • Medteq
  • Prompt
  • Montreal Neuro Institute
  • Saint John Regional Hospital
  • Genome Quebec
  • Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM)
  • Caprion
  • OICR
  • Mitacs
  • AMII
  • Dalhousie University IWK
  • Vector