Strategic Planning and Corporate Services

Strategic Planning and Corporate Services (SPCS) is an internal support organization that works to ensure the Strategic Policy Sector (SPS) runs in a smooth and integrated manner. The role of the SPCS has expanded in recent years because of the increased emphasis within the federal government on public service accountability and transparency, and human resources planning and renewal.

The services SPCS provides include:

  • managing the development of integrated strategic business, financial and human resources plans and reports for SPS;
  • providing advice to sector management on corporate matters;
  • being a central point of contact between SPS and departmental corporate service providers such as the Human Resources Branch, the Comptrollership and Administration Sector and the Chief Informatics Office;
  • developing, implementing, supporting and communicating sector-level corporate initiatives; and
  • playing a stewardship role for sector resources and finances.

SPCS continues to support the SPS university recruitment campaign, the Career Progression Program and the Strategic Policy Sector Young Professionals Network. It has also taken on branding and messaging for SPS, and is maintaining the SPS website.

SPCS provides similar services for the Science and Innovation Sector.

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