Trade policy

The Strategic Policy Sector (SPS) works closely with other federal departments, particularly Global Affairs Canada and the Department of Finance, to represent Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's domestic industrial agenda over a range of international entities and negotiations. The goal is to secure or maintain access to export markets for Canadian goods and services and to improve the rules that govern international trade.

To carry out this work, the SPS

  • monitors and evaluates trade and investment policy developments at home and abroad;
  • conducts analysis on issues related to the trade-industry relationship;
  • represents Canadian economic interests in multilateral negotiations, such as those at meetings of the World Trade Organization;
  • participates on Canadian delegations in bilateral trade negotiations by providing industry-specific input on issues pertaining to non-agricultural goods, services and investment; and
  • prepares briefing material and advice for the Minister and Deputy Minister on trade policy issues that cut across Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada sectors.

Further information

For further information, see Import, export and investment.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada's international trade policy activities are coordinated through the Trade Policy Unit in the Strategic Policy Branch.