Nihir Morzaria

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From: Nihir Morzaria
Sent: February 12, 2021 1:27 PM
To: copyrightconsultation / consultationdroitdauteur (PCH)
Subject: I'm firmly against a copyright extension


As a Canadian, I value our district approach to many things and our somewhat balanced approach to copyright in comparison to the United States was something to be proud of. Instead of bowing to the big corporate entities who benefit from extended copyright terms, we should really be putting the interest of the public and Canadian citizens first.

What possible public good comes from extending the copyright beyond the international standard? Beyond the Disney-esque interests, how does this serve our country well? Libraries, public institutions and creativity itself benefit from a strong public domain. How many copyrighted works are lost to history because they aren't even registered?

I'm a huge supporter of the arts, but copyright laws have moved beyond the interest of the individual artist and into the realm of corporate welfare at the expense of our public institutions and the citizens who make up our country.

I strongly disagree with extending the copyright term and any and all limitations on this proposed extension are welcome and needed.


Nihir Morzaria