TAPAC Bulletin 2011-01

Canada Gazette Notice No. SMSE-014-11 — CB-01, Issue 4, CB-02, Issue 6, DES-CB, Issue 3, and DES-LAB(E), Issue 5

The purpose of this bulletin is to advise interested parties that Industry Canada published the following documents:

  1. CB-01, Issue 4, Requirements for Certification Bodies;
  2. CB-02, Issue 6, Recognition Criteria, and Administrative and Operational Requirements Applicable to Certification Bodies for the Certification of Radio Apparatus to Industry Canada’s Standards and Specifications;
  3. DES-CB, Issue 3, Procedure for the Designation of Canadian Certification Bodies (CB) by Industry Canada; and
  4. DES-LAB(E), Issue 5, Procedure for Designation and Recognition of Canadian Testing Laboratories by Industry Canada.

CB-01, Issue 4, CB-02, Issue 6, DES-CB, Issue 3, and DES-LAB(E), Issue 5, came into effect on October 8, 2011.

The Canada Gazette notice is available on the Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Web Site at:

The documents are available electronically at:

Comments should be sent as instructed in the Canada Gazette notice. Should you have any questions, please submit them to: tapac-ccprt@ic.gc.ca or to the Chairman of the Terminal Attachment Program Advisory Committee (TAPAC), 300 Slater Street,Ontario, K1A 0C8.

Chairman, TAPAC