TAPAC Bulletin 2011-03

TAPAC members are requested to provide comments on contribution TAPAC-2011-11- 005 by December 28, 2011. It is a draft of proposed standard ANSI/TIA 4965 titled “Receive Volume Control Requirements for Digital and Analog Wireline Terminals”. This document is available in the TAPAC workspace and was presented in the TAPAC meeting held on November 24, 2011.

TAPAC members are requested to provide: (a) comments related to the content of the above draft standard; and (b) views on adopting its hearing aid compatibilityand volume control requirements and test methods for CS–03 Part V in the future.

Comments should be sent via email to the TAPAC chair at tapac-ccprt@ic.gc.ca by December 28, 2011.

Chairman, TAPAC