TAPAC Letter Ballot No. 11-01

TAPAC Letter Ballot 11-01

This amendment implements changes to Part II of CS–03 proposed in contribution TAPAC-2010-11-003 (Update to Methods of Measurements for Parts II, VI and VII of CS–03) which was discussed at the November 25, 2010 TAPAC meeting. The following is a summary of the main changes made:

Changes to CS–03, Part II:

  • Reworded the following Methods of Measurement for accuracy:
    • Method of Measurement 3.2.2;
    • Method of Measurement 3.3.2;
    • Method of Measurement;
    • Method of Measurement; and
    • Method of Measurement
  • Updated the following figures for better accuracy and clarity: Figures 3.2; 3.3(b); 3.4; 3.5(a); 3.6(a); 3.6(b); 3.6(c); 3.6(d) and 3.6(f).
  • Other changes:
    • Corrected the formula to calculate the power in dBm illustrated in the Alternative Method of Measurement;
    • Corrected Section, Encoded Analogue Content Requirements, clause (2) to meet requirements of instead of Table 3.6; and
    • Moved Table 3.6 to its corresponding section (

Copies of the new proposed text for CS–03, Part II, are given in Attachment 1 (Marked copy) and Attachment 2 (Clean copy).

TAPAC members are asked to fax (613-957-8845) or email TAPAC their votes by September 1st, 2011.

TAPAC Secretariat


  1. TAPAC Letter Ballot_11-01 (marked copy)
  2. TAPAC Letter Ballot 11-01 (clean copy)