TAPAC Plenary - 2010 First Meeting

Final Summary Record
TAPAC Meeting
(Terminal Attachment Program Advisory Committee)

Thursday, May 27, 2010, 13:30-17:00

Room 708 (7th Floor)

1. Attendance

1.1 Officials and Interested Parties

Officials and Interested Parties
Officials Organization
Peter Chau
Industry Canada
Hazim Dawood
Industry Canada
Efrain Guevara Industry Canada
Matthew Mulvilhill Industry Canada
Paul Van Hoof Industry Canada
Yi Pan Industry Canada
Tom Smith* TJS Technical Services
James Ndirangu CRTC
Malcolm Winter* SaskTel

1.2 Members

Name Company/Association 21/May/09 26/Nov/09 27/May/10
Stuart Beck NEMKO Canada (User) A P A
Sid Tarrabain Telus (Carrier) A A A
André Beaudet SCC(User) P P P
Robert Morse EFC (Manufacturer) P* P* A
Stan Runge MTS (Carrier) A P* A
Redouane Zidane Bell Canada (Carrier) P* P* A
John Pitt Aliant (Carrier) P* P* P*
Alex Matthews NTS (User) A P* P*
Vito Scaringi Alcatel-Lucent (Manufacturer) A P* P*
Malcolm Winter for Ron Wagner
SaskTel(Carrier) A P* P*

Attendance legend:
* - by teleconference
P - Present
A - Absent

Membership Matrix
Type of Membership Maximum Actual
Facilities-based Carrier (including CLECs) 5 5
Manufacturers and Suppliers 5 2
User Groups (including Conformity Assessment
Bodies, reseller and accreditation organizations)
5 3
Total 15 10

2. Review of Proposed Agenda

  • The proposed agenda (TAPAC-2010-05-002) was approved as written.

3. Review of the Summary Record of Last Meeting (November 26, 2009)

  • The Summary Record of the November 26, 2009 meeting (TAPAC-2010-05-001) was approved as written.

4. Membership Review

  • The TAPAC Secretariat noted that TELUS has been absent for three consecutive meetings. 
  • The TAPAC and CRTC agreed to jointly draft a letter to be sent by the TAPAC Secretariat to the Telus regulatory team asking TELUS to identify its representative for TAPAC and to remind the carrier of its obligation to participate.
Action: The TAPAC and CRTC to draft a letter to be sent by the TAPAC Secretariat to the TELUS Regulatory team asking TELUS to identify its representative for TAPAC. The TAPAC Secretariat will make the letter available to all TAPAC members.
File Types of Contributions

Draft Summary Record May 21 2009v4


Proposed Agenda for Nov 26 2009


TR41.9-10-05-010L-Surge Repetition


 Overview of Market Surveillance

6. Reports


6.1.1 FCC
  • E. Guevara provided the following FCC update:
    • The FCC currently has a broadband plan called "100 Squared (100 Mbps to 100 million homes)" and is expected to go beyond 100Mbps. It is not clear when this plan will be achieved.
    • There may be a delay in the plan due to an appeals court ruling as the US Court of Appeals is ruling against FCC 's authority to require broadband providers to give equal treatment to all internet traffic flowing over the networks (network neutrality).
    • The FCC released a press notice on April 7, 2010, where it announced the appointment of Wireline Competition Bureau Deputy Chief Carol Mattey, pointing out that Ms. Mattey's expertise on universal service will be used to ensure that all Americans have access to broadband.
6.1.2 ACTA
  • H. Dawood provided the following ACTA update:
    • The ACTA had a virtual meeting on December 3, 2009 and a face-to-face meeting on March 25, 2010.
    • The ACTA discussed the requirement of "agent of service":
    • This requirement is no longer required by the ACTA; however, ACTA participants believed that the "agent of service" information still should be kept on the ACTA filing form and required of ACTA filers.
    • Since the "agent of service" as now used by the FCC no longer matched the ACTA definition of "agent of service", the ACTA decided that the term "US Product Information Contact" should be used instead
      • A motion was accepted that ACTA should issue a public notice to explain the continuation of why "agent of service" information still is required within the ACTA database, including an explanation of the changing of the term used for this information
      • It was agreed to approve the distribution of the public notice as soon as the changes to the AOF (ACTA On-Line Filing) system and submission guidelines could be made, expected to take place in May 2010.
    • On April 30, 2010, the ACTA adopted an Errata for TIA-968-B. The Errata corrects an error made during the balloting process for TIA-968-B where a more legible version of an equation that was supposed to replace the one with run-together text in sub-clause was placed in the wrong sub-clause.
    • The next ACTA meeting will be a virtual meeting to be held on June 10, 2010.
6.1.3 TIA TR-41
  • E.Guevara and M. Mulvihill provided the following TIA TR-41 update:
    • The TIA TR-41 committee:  User Premises Telecommunications Requirements, had a face-to-face meeting the week of May 3, 2010.
    • The TIA TR-41.9 sub-committee: Technical and Administrative Regulatory Requirements, continued work on TIA-31-D Telephone Terminal Equipment Rationale and Measurement Guidelines for U.S. Network Protection and TIA TSB-129-B Telecommunications - Telephone Terminal Equipment - U.S. Network Connections Regulatory Approval Guide
    • The TIA TSB-968-B Errata was adopted on April 30, 2010 by the ACTA.
    • The TIA 968-B FAQ list was updated to include a clarification regarding typical equipment that need to be registered in North America (US and Canada).
    • Phillip Havens (Littlefuse) introduced the possibility of increasing the number of lightning surges for Type A and Type B in TIA-968-B to align with international standards. TR-41.9 also consulted TR-41.7 sub-committee: Environmental and Safety Considerations, for their opinion and feedback on this item.
    • The TR-41.7 sub-committee reviewed the contribution for additional surge repetition to be included in TIA-968-B.  The sub-committee provided great insight to international requirements and why repetitive surges are required. The sub-committee suggested a 60 second wait time between surges to allow components to settle and also it should be defined that alternating polarities must be done between each application of a surge. The chair of TR-41.7 sub-committee will provide a response back to TR-41.9 for the next meeting.
    • The TR 41.7 sub-committee reviewed IEC 62368-1 as a new generation of a UL/CSA standard covering telecom, ITE and audio/video equipment.  The work input will be put into UL60950-1. This standard will affect the way telecom equipment is designed, manufactured and tested in the future."
    • Contributions received on telecom circuit overcurrent protectors application guide were reviewed and accepted by the committee and are expected to go for ballot in the first quarter of 2011.
    • The next TR-41 meeting will be held in August.

6.2 ISO/SCC Activities Review

  • André Beaudet (SCC ) provided a report on SCC activities (Note: Report is available on TAPAC Worklst-spcd at: http://www.ic.gc.ca/TAPAC.)

6.3 CRTC Activities

  • James Ndirangu (CRTC) provided a report on CRTC activities (Note: Report is available on TAPAC Worklst-spcd at: http://www.ic.gc.ca/TAPAC.)

6.4 TAPAC Bulletins

  • H. Dawood reported that three TAPAC bulletins were issued since the last meeting:
    • TAPAC Bulletin 2009-04:  Notice of Bell Canada's Industry Advisory BIA-1u, BID 0013 "9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service (9-1-1 PERS) Terminal-to-Network Interface";
    • TAPAC Bulletin 2010-01:  Canada Gazette Notice No. SMSE-009-10 — DC-01, Issue 4; and
    • TAPAC Bulletin 2010-02: Notice of Bell Canada's Industry Advisory BIA-1u, BID 0013 "9-1-1 Public Emergency Reporting Service (9-1-1 PERS) Terminal-to-Network Interface".

6.5 Telephone Companies Industry Advisories

  • Two industry advisories on 9-1-1 PERS terminal-to-network interface (BID-0013 version 12) were disclosed by Bell Canada.
  • The TAPAC Secretariat reported that it contacted MTS prior to the meeting regarding providing a web-link to its disclosure documents. MTS indicated that currently, MTS does not have a website where the disclosures can be accessed. The TAPAC Secretariat will continue following up with MTS.
Action: TAPAC Secretariat to continue following MTSregarding providing a web-link to its disclosure documents.

6.6 International Activities

6.6.1 APEC TEL 40 - MRA Task Force
  • P. Chau gave the following report:
    • The MRA task force met on May 6-7, 2010.
    • After further discussion and editorial changes, the text of the MRA on Equivalence of Technical Requirements (MRA-ETR) along with Annex A was finalized at this meeting and is expected to be endorsed by APEC TEL Ministers at the TELMIN 8 meeting in October 2010.
    • Canada presented an overview of recently documented Market Surveillance Procedures. Chinese Taipei also provided a presentation on the same subject. Both presentations generated momentum for cooperation on market surveillance as evident from the discussion that followed.
    • Canada also provided a contribution on a proposed survey on market surveillance. The purpose of the survey is to collect information on this subject from the APEC economies in order to facilitate cooperation in this area. The results of the survey will be used to develop a guideline or a best practices document on market surveillance.
    • An article celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the APEC TEL MRA was written by the Task Force members. It was proposed that this article be highlighted at the upcoming TELMIN 8 in Oct 2010 to further reinforce the benefits of the MRA.

      Post meeting note: The article on the 10th anniversary of the APEC TEL MRA was published by the TAPAC Secretariat on theTAPAC website.

      • Highlights of Canadian bi-laterals:
        • Vietnamese laws have been amended to facilitate implementation of Phase I of the MRA. Canada and Vietnam exchanged information on technical requirements and procedures. Vietnam is currently in the process of introducing changes to allow for Phase II implementation.China expressed willingness to move forward on the implementation of Phase I of the MRA-CA with Canada. Both countries will exchange information on technical requirements and procedures for Phase I.
        • Singapore is ready for Phase II implementation with Canada; this followed Canada's readiness to revise the radio scope. An exchange of letters will commence following the APEC TEL 41 meetings.
        • Japan explained that it needs to advance the MRAs with Singapore and the USA before they can move forward on a Canada-Japan MRA. Japan will conduct a study of the cost and benefits of implementing an MRA with Canada. The result of the study will be provided before APEC TEL 42.
6.6.2 CITEL
  • E. Guevara gave the following report:
    • The Permanent Consultative Committee I of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission met May 11-14, 2010. This was the last meeting of the 2006-2010 study period and much of the time was spent discussing the various proposals for re-structure and work plans for the next study period.
    • The MRA group will continue its work in the 2010-2014 study period. The work plan includes continued efforts to implement the MRA on conformity assessment as well as the development of market surveillance guidelines for the region.
    • Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A have held meetings outside CITEL in an effort to address Mexico's concerns with the CITEL MRA and find a way forward for the implementation with Canada and the U.S.A
    • There will be a meeting of the Technical Standards Subcommittee (TSSC) under NAFTA in August 10-11, where the three countries will continue their MRA negotiations.

7. Status of Action Items from the November 27, 2009 Meeting

Status of Action Items from the November 27, 2009 Meeting
No. Action Item Summary

TAPAC members to provide comments on contribution TAPAC-2009-11-003 and the three outstanding issues by January 30, 2010.

A TAPAC letter ballot with the proposed CS–03 Part I was published on February 2, 2010 for a thirty day period. No negative comments were received. Industry Canada is in the process of Gazetting the revised CS–03 Part I. Item closed.

TAPAC Secretariat to implement DC-01 comments from the committee.

Issue 4 of DC-01 was published on April 3 2010. Item closed.

Bell Canada to send additional information regarding VDSL2 UPBO and a method of measurement to the TAPAC Secretariat.

Bell Canada reported to TAPAC prior to the meeting that it is currently working on the 'a' and 'b' values and will not be presenting at this meeting. Bell Canada requested this item be closed. Item closed.

8. Discussion of Contributions

8.1 Surge Repetition (TAPAC-2010-05-003)

  • In contribution TAPAC-2010-05-003, M. Mulvihill presented a proposal made by Littlefuse, Inc. at the May 2010 TIA TR41.9 meeting to increase the TIA-968-B current single positive and negative polarity lightning surge for equipment under test to +5 and -5 surges for Type A and Type B longitudinal and metallic test conditions.
  • M. Mulvihill also mentioned that a number of national and international standards (e.g. GR-1089-CORE, ITU K21, and IEC 61000-4-5) use multiple lightning repetitions when lightning surges are applied to units under test.
Action:TAPAC members to provide comments on contribution TAPAC-2010-05-003 by July 31, 2010.

8.2 Overview of Market Surveillance (TAPAC-2010-05-004)

  • H. Dawood presented an overview of IC market surveillance procedure and the roles of stakeholders.

9.0 Next Meeting

  • The next TAPAC meeting will be held at the Standards Council of Canada in Ottawa, on Thursday, November 25, 2010.  The subsequent TAPAC meeting will be held at Industry Canada in Ottawa, on Thursday, May 26, 2011.