Women Entrepreneurship Strategy: Success stories

The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES) is helping tens of thousands of women in business access the financing, networks and expertise they need to start up, scale up and expand into international markets.

Discover how the WES has helped individual entrepreneurs across Canada.

Chickapea Pasta

(Collingwood, ON)

WES funding helped Chickapea Pasta roll out new product lines and test new markets.

Borealis Geothermal

(Calgary, AB)

Borealis Geothermal used WES funding to develop a geothermal project with the Kitselas First Nation.

Blue Heron Gardens

(Cudworth, SK)

WES funding helped Blue Heron Gardens expand its honey and beeswax business.

Lighthouse Transportation Inc.

(Lakeside, NS)

The WES-funded Greater Heights of Growth program helped CEO Colleen O'Toole hone her leadership skills and drive the company to increased sales and profits.

Amango Cacao

(Montréal, QC)

Find out how the WES helped this fair trade, environmentally friendly chocolate business increase sales.

Tea Horse

(Laval, QC)

WES programs helped this Indigenous-owned artisanal tea company incorporate, scale up its capacity to roast wild rice, and get intellectual property protection.

Also Recrutement

(Laval, QC)

Also Recrutement was able to expand its services and find helpful networks thanks to the WES.

Aisle Canada

(Vancouver, BC)

Aisle used WES funding to get the tools, staff and financing it needed to bring these planet-friendly menstrual products to more women.

Bennic Dairy Bar

(Dieppe, NB)

WES-funded programs helped former nurse Cécile Léger (owner of Bennic Dairy Bar) become familiar with the entrepreneurship environment and create a tailored business development plan.

Tease Tea & Wellness Blends

(Ottawa, ON)

The WES helped Tease Tea launch into over 350 stores across Canada and the U.S.

What we've heard

"Without the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, I could never be where I am now. It gave us the leg up to expand into new facilities and buy a wax melter, which allowed us to produce our own beeswax and increase our profit margins."

Julie Shirley, Co-founder, Blue Heron Gardens

"The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy helped us buy additional equipment and develop a marketing plan to increase our brand awareness, resulting in a 20% sales increase."

Lydie Kouadio, Vice-President of Amango Cacao

"The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, and specifically Evol (a Montréal-based business support organization funded by the Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Fund), helped me get the financing I needed to provide a new temporary staffing service. It also gave me access to networking opportunities where I met other entrepreneurs like me—other women entrepreneurs and women from visible minority groups—who share the exact same realities."

Fatou Bocoum, Founding President, Also Recrutement

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